My Advice For 2011

Apparently I skipped the last 2 years so I can’t claim this is a tradition of me giving advices posts at the beginning of the new year. Time certainly flies and I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I wrote “My Advice For 2008” The advice was simple enough, just buy guns and ammo which to me remains sound advice to this day.

My advice for 2011 is to prepare.

Prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Even people who aren’t interested in politics know that we are in dangerous times, it reminds me of watching animals before a storm, they aren’t meteorologists but they can just sense something coming.

Anyone who needs further reassurance that we are in perilous times just take a few minutes to read this site, or just the economics tag.

I have outlined my case for preparing here so I won’t rehash what has already been said.

2011 is the year to get in shape.  I can’t envision a scenario where the fattest and laziest survive longer than the fit hardworking people.  So I think it is crucial to at least maintain a decent level of physical fitness.

For me personally, mental and spiritual strength go hand in hand.  I have never been faced with any scenario that I have not been given the strength to endure, period.  I know there was a time when my spiritual life was in turmoil when I was rejecting the teaching of dispensantional “Christian” zionism but before I found the teaching of Christian Identity and it was a difficult time for me, thankfully I was led to the Truth.

I can spend countless hours on this site, writing and posting about every subject and issue under the sun.  But I will tell you right now that it is all for naught, if you do not follow the teachings of our Heavenly Father and Creator Yahweh.  I don’t normally get preachy on this site, it isn’t the direction that I think this site should go, but I want to make it abundantly clear that my hope and trust is in Yahweh and nobody else.  I don’t go it alone, there would be no point.

When you whittle away all the stories, posts and debates you are left with a spiritual battle, good vs evil, Yahweh vs the Great deceiver.   It is imperative that you understand this and prepare accordingly.  The battle is waged for your very soul, do not be deceived otherwise.

Here are some links that will provide you with many hours of research and will hopefully answer many of your questions.  These teachings have changed my life, and I hope they do the same for you.