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I have been slacking, busy in my personal life means slowdown at the blog. Recently I have been upgrading my main computer and now proudly running Linux instead of Windows. It has been a goal of mine for some time now, and at least for the time being it has become a reality. But I didn’t write this post to go on and on about Linux (maybe another time)

I wanted to take some time and remind and encourage people to use this site like I use it.

My reasons for wanting to continue this site have changed over time, but at this point with nearly 1700 posts one of my favorite things about it, is how useful it is to me personally when debating and engaging people in conversation especially online. When you read hundreds of news articles per week it can be overload, I lack the ability to retain 100% of what I read but I certainly can remember headlines and the gist of the articles, little tid bits here and there. So when I find myself engaged in a debate with someone on the topic of say, race the first thing I do, is come here and click on the tag, Blacks Immediately I am armed with 131 posts, which strengthen my argument. This can be said for other topics as well such as Police Brutality (Reckless Cops), or Global Warming.

I just want people to use this site. I can sit here scouring the net for pertinent news, write articles and try to keep myself informed but if people don’t ever use this site then much of my energy is wasted. I find past articles here to be timeless and informative, and I hope people will add our past stories to their arsenal as they prepare to debate sheep and those aligned with the enemy. We have the Truth, we just need to spread it.

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