We Are North Korea

Whenever I hear the topic of North Korea brought up inevitably people express their amazement at how controlled information is there. How citizens there think North Korea is as good as it gets, their space missions, scientific endeavours and military power are unmatched. They are all taught from birth that the have “nothing to envy”.

It is amazing to look from the outside in and observe these people, to pity them or to question their intelligence.

If you were to somehow make contact with a North Korean and told him “hey, you know Kim Jong Il didn’t really go to space, or invent X Y or Z” you would surely be met with hostility as this Korean would think you are either jealous or a conspiracy theorist. Why? Because from birth their government and the media outlets have spread lies to them, because they know the Truth would cause a mass uprising. If they thought things were so much better just across the border in South Korea people would be leaving in droves.

So many people in America have analysed North Korea, and when you have the facts on your side the whole of Kim Jong Il’s claims are so obviously false and silly that you don’t even need to pay them serious thought. But how often does anyone in America analyse their leaders claims?

You approach the average person on the street and say “the Federal Reserve was created solely so that jewish bankers can gain control of our government, and the income tax was created simultaneously so that we the people can pay the interest to these bankers for money loaned to OUR government even though for 100+ years prior we created money as needed without usury” or “mossad carried out 9/11 and not jihading muslims” or “the US never went to the moon” you would be met with the EXACT same response as that of the North Korean. Why? Because Americans all think they are informed, hell they watch Glenn Beck, or Anderson “pole smoker” Cooper surely they are selling them the full bill of goods.

What is so obvious and easy to accept about some other country is painful to admit about your own.

Kids here are taught from birth “this is the freest country on earth” “Land of The Free Home Of The Brave” while 200 years ago this was surely true since then it hasn’t been true on any account. I know better, from my travels alone I know we are not the freest. Under what circumstance is it considered freedom for the government to steal your income, tax property you have bought, demand money in order for you to drill a well to help feed your family, or add on to your house to provide them shelter? That is freedom? Hell no it’s not, nor is this a free country.

It is long past due for all of us to start making accurate assessments about the situation we now find ourselves in as Americans and perpetuating this flat lie that our current system is in any form or fashion “freedom” is nothing but regurgitated propaganda.

As Goethe said “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

It is a said reality we find ourselves in, slaves to the bankers on the land our forefathers founded. The government that’s sole purpose is to serve it’s people has been hijacked by jewish bankers and their comrades in the biggest businesses, instead of it serving our will we now serve them. Nonetheless this is the reality so face it.

Read, become informed, prepare now for the things that are inevitably coming down the road, wake up your friends and relatives and help them prepare. Spread the Truth everywhere, because right now we are all North Koreans.