Congressman Sean Duffy “Struggles” On $174,000 Salary

How much money do I make from money literally stolen from others? 0

How much money does this asshole make from money stolen from the public? $174,000 per year.

So how is it that the “public servants” make multiple times more money than the public in which they supposedly serve?

It’s a racket, they are criminals no different than the mafia.

Paul and Rubio: Two “Tea Party” Candidates, Polar Opposites

When you see the big pictures it’s crystal clear. As I said the second Rubio stepped on the scene, he is a neo con. The exact term I used was “Marco Rubio Is A Neo Con Pussy” This thesis was PROVEN the second he was elected an within days ran to Tel Aviv to thank his masters and get his orders.

What were his orders? Follow kikestan and do exactly what it wants you to.


At almost the same moment Senator Rand Paul introduced a resolution to express the “sense of the Senate that the president does not have the power to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve actual or imminent threat to the nation,” Paul’s “tea party backed” colleague Marco Rubio resolved the almost exact opposite.

The Hill reports that Rubio wants Congress to approve a resolution authorizing Obama’s decision to attack Libya and giving him the authority to remove Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Rubio wrote:

I am writing to seek your support for bringing a bipartisan resolution to the Senate floor authorizing the president’s decision to participate in allied military action in Libya…

He went on to say removing Gadhafi from power is “in our national interest and therefore should authorize the president to accomplish this goal. To that end, the resolution should urge the president to recognize the Interim Transitional National Council as the legitimate government in Libya.”

Yesterday, Rubio in an interview with Neil Cavuto stated, “The President was right when he determined that Gaddafi must go….I wish he would’ve done it a little bit sooner.”

The difference between Senator Paul and Senator Rubio on this issue couldn’t be more striking.

While Rubio ran as an “outsider” who was going to shake up the Washington establishment, his policies (including hiring former a aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, Cesar Conda, as his Chief of Staff) have turned out to be remarkably similar to the devastating Republican politics of the Bush era.

This debate goes to show, not all tea during the election was brewed the same.

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks On Libya

I have made it quite public that I cut my support of Rand Paul during his campaign mainly due to his alleged support of the terror state of kikestan. While I still do not donate to Senator Paul the fact of the matter is Rand is the most Constitutional abiding member of the Senate. I am not here to be a cheerleader for Rand, however as far as I can tell he has followed through on his campaign promises proposing relatively big budget cuts, opposing wars etc.

In my opinion Rand hasn’t really been put through the test, for example opposing a Republican leader, even a popular republican leader like his father has. Time will tell and I hope Rand will stand by the Constitution.

US Military Expenditures In Libya Near 1 Billion Dollars

At a time when the US is literally bankrupt we feel the need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on worthless endeavours overseas. Not to mention the blowback this could easily cause down the line.


US military strikes on Libya have cost $550 million so far the Pentagon said Tuesday, adding that the tab was likely to increase another $40 million in the next few weeks.

Between March 19 and 28, the Defense Department spent more than 60 percent of the funds on munitions, such as missiles and bombs, with the rest going toward deploying troops and covering the costs of combat, including additional fuel needed for US aircraft and ships.

US troops fired at least 192 of the 199 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched against Libyan air defenses and command centers.

Each Tomahawk missile costs about $1.5 million dollars, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe Admiral James Stavridis told a congressional hearing, bringing total expenditures for the pricey munitions alone to nearly $300 million.

The United States has also launched 455 of the 602 laser-guided weapons used by the coalition over the same period.

“Future costs are highly uncertain,” said Navy Commander Kathleen Kesler, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

But she estimated the Pentagon would spend another $40 million over the next three weeks as NATO assumes full control of coalition operations from the United States on Thursday and US forces gradually reduce their presence.

“After that, if US forces stay at the levels currently planned and the operations continues, we would incur added costs of about $40 million per month,” she told AFP.

US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead said last week that the operational costs in Libya were negligible.

“Because we’re not mobilizing or sending more forces forward, all of these are relatively minor increases in costs,” he said, adding that the United States would easily replenish its stock of Tomahawk missiles, which currently counts 3,000 such munitions.

13% Of All US Homes Are Vacant

High residential vacancies are killing many housing markets, as foreclosed homes sit on the market and depress sale prices and property values.

And it’s only getting worse: The national vacancy rate crept up to just over 13% according to last week’s decennial census report. That’s up from 12.1% in 2007.

“More vacant homes equal more downward pressure on home prices,” said Brad Hunter, chief economist for Metrostudy, a real estate information provider.

Maine had the highest proportion of empty housing stock, at 22.8%. Other states with gluts of empty houses included Vermont (20.5%), Florida (17.5%), Arizona (16.3%) and Alaska (15.9%).

The way the census calculates the vacancy rates, however, is problematic. It includes properties such as ski lodges, beach houses and pied-à-terres that many real estate statisticians would not.

These are often summer homes or second homes, but census lumps them together with homes that have been sold but not occupied, empty homes for sale or rent, and homes used by migrant workers. Basically, anything other than a primary residence is considered vacant.

“You can only live in one home,” said William Chapin of the Census Bureau’s Housing Statistics Branch. “If you own five homes that you occasionally live in, four of them will be counted as vacant.”

But Paul Bishop, the vice president for research for the National Association of Realtors, countered that these properties aren’t vacant in the usual sense of the term. “A vacation home is hardly the same situation as a foreclosed home that has been taken back by the bank,” he said.

In Maine, more than two-thirds of the 160,000 vacancies were vacation homes in 2009; Vermont had a similarly high concentration.

Compare them with Connecticut, which has a vacancy rate of just 7.9%, the lowest of all the states. If you back out the vacation properties from the statistics, the states have very similar vacancy rates: 6.1% for Connecticut and 7% for Maine.

Some states have high vacancy rates even after backing out the second homes: Florida’s is about 10%; Arizona’s is 10.7%; and Nevada’s 11.4%.

Besides Connecticut, the other states with lowest vacancy rates are California, Iowa, Illinois, Virginia and Washington, all at 9.2% or lower.

South African Rugby Star Beheads Blacks Who Gangraped His Daughter Giving Her HIV

The sham that is the “justice” system in black run South Africa is nothing but a waste of time. My heart goes out to this man, I can’t fathom what he has gone through. Instead of waiting on the corrupt system, he took control manned up and served justice. I commend him for his courage and I wish him all the best.


A SOUTH African rugby star has been charged with the axe murder of three people in revenge for the alleged gang rape of his daughter.

The player’s actions allegedly took place after discovering his daughter had been raped by several men and infected with HIV, reported the Afrikaan newspaper Beeld.

The killings took place near the city of Durbin in South Africa’s east.

At least one victim’s decapitated head was found in a dustbin over a kilometre away from his body, while another body’s head was left hanging “by a nerve”, police said.

“The body of (one of the victims) was found in Lamontville and the head was found in Jacobs. This happened about a week ago,” he said.

Durbin Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Vincent Mdunge said the 34-year-old suspect was arrested after a tip-off was made to police.

“When they pounced on (the accused) they found an axe, which we believe is the murder weapon, clothes with blood stains and a hired car that we suspect he could have used during the alleged attacks,” Lt-Col Mdunge said.

The player, who has not been named but who used to play for the popular Blue Bulls club, faces three charges of murder and one for attempted murder after one victim managed to escape.

Police have alleged the man stalked his victims over several days in and around townships near Durbin before killing them with an axe.

The Blue Bulls is a popular rugby club in South Africa, especially amongst white Afrikkan fans.

Last year in a separate incident another Blue Bulls player Jacobus Roux was charged after allegedly beating a police officer to death and is currently awaiting trial.

A spokesperson for the club, which is currently on tour in New Zealand, was unavailable for comment.

The accused will stand trial later this week.

Palin Shows Off Kabbalah Key And Star Of David

On her recent trip to the middle eastern country of kikestan, feminist Sarah Palin was seen with two necklaces, one the “star of david” the other some kabbalistic key. For those that don’t know kabbalah is jewish witchcraft. (as if judaism wasn’t evil enough already)

It is well known and documented that Sarah Palin has remained loyal to the jewish forces who thrusted her to stardom and this is just one more dsiturbing example.

American Fear


Whether they realize it or not Americans live in a constant state of fear every day. I’m not referring to the fears of everyday life like losing a job or having an accident of some kind, but rather a more sinister and devious fear; a fear that Americans only dare talk about around the water cooler or at cocktail parties so as not to be taken seriously; a fear they try to mask with a with a whimsical tone of sarcasm or indifference. Whether Americans want to admit it or not, it’s the single greatest fear in their lives: fear of the government.

Right about now there are those reading this thinking: Don Cooper is a drunk. To which I reply: what’s that got to do with it? Maybe more people should drink if that’s what it takes to sober up and confront what they are really afraid of.

In their defense, I’ll admit that reality is scary. No argument that living in delusion is warmer, safer, cozier, and easier. Pretending is always more fun than reality, that’s why we go to the movies. But fear of the government is a fear that invades a person’s soul and – since the government intervenes in every aspect of our lives – it affects every move we make every day.

Fear of the government is hard to recognize and acknowledge. It’s a fear that we are taught early on in life and to which we become accustomed. We inevitably end up tucking it away in the far reaches of our minds in order to function “normally” every day and live our lives. But just as a car backfiring will trigger a sense of fear from a shell-shocked veteran, so too can the State trigger that sense of fear they’ve instilled in us.

One need only ask: when you see a cop in your rearview mirror with his lights on, do you feel a sense of safety and comfort or do you get a shot of adrenaline from your body’s “fight or flight” reflex? Do you immediately start asking yourself what he could possibly pull you over for, other than the fact that he was abused as a child, bullied at school and his mother didn’t love him, and now he’s going to whittle away at that chip on his shoulder by abusing you.

As you search for your proof of government permission to drive (i.e., your license), and your government permission to own the car ( i.e., your registration ), and your proof of government mandated insurance, do you do so calmly and with a smile on your face and with gleeful anticipation of speaking with someone who gives of himself to serve and protect you, or do you do so nervously, fumbling through your papers hoping everything’s up to date and acceptable to him for fear of being detained for whatever reason and having it affect your job, your family, and every aspect of your life?

And when it’s all over, do you feel glad that it happened or are you just glad it’s over? Later that evening do you recount the story to others with a sense of pride, or do you do so with a sharp tongue and kick yourself for all the things you wish you would have had the presence of mind to say at the time but didn’t? Do you feel happy that you have to pay $150 to the government because you were driving down the street faster than the government allows you to, or are you angry?

And in the end, do you send the money to the government even though you don’t agree with it? Even though you feel it’s unfair to have to pay so much money yet you’ve harmed no one? Of course you do. And why? Because you’re afraid of what the government will do to you if you don’t. In the end, you’ll retreat back into your cubby-hole of delusion in order to justify paying the fine by convincing yourself that what you did was wrong, the government was right, and you deserve the punishment.

My favorite delusional argument from those still attached to the matrix is that they pay their taxes voluntarily. To these people I ask: when you do your tax returns, do you take as many deductions as the government will allow you? Of course, the answer is always yes. Then I ask them that if they could take enough deductions such that their tax liability was zero would they do so? Again, not surprisingly, the answer is yes. I then ask them that if their preference is to pay zero taxes then why don’t they simply refuse to pay taxes. Inevitably, that’s where their train of thought always runs out of track. Of course everyone knows the answer: because they’re afraid of what the government will do.

I challenge everyone to ask themselves: when was the last time you even thought about the possibility you might be robbed, your house broken into or shot at? Can you even remember? Now ask yourself when was the last time you were afraid of doing something that could be deemed “illegal” by the government and for which you could be fined, detained or arrested? Something like not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, making a U-turn, going through a yellow light, not crossing the street at the cross-walk, riding a bike on a sidewalk, forgetting your license at home, taking too many deductions on your taxes, talking on your phone while driving, not allowing strangers to touch you or your children at the airport, cutting down a tree on your own property, owning and transporting a gun, collecting rain water and the list goes on. I would wager the answer is: daily! The first word out of everybody’s mouth when asked a normal, completely benign question these days is: “Well legally …” It’s first and foremost on our minds, and why wouldn’t it be, there are 76,000 pages to just the federal register alone. Some argue that everyone commits at least three felonies every day!

Ignorance is a dangerous thing, and it must be stopped in our lifetime, fo’ it kill somebody.

At the end of the day, all government mandates are enforced at the end of the barrel of a gun, and that scares the hell out of everyone, as it should. But if we truly believe we are free then we have to start acting like it. It’s time we cared about something bigger than ourselves. It’s time we stopped living our lives in fear.

Having said all that, I’m not holding my breath. It’s proven to be difficult to convince people that freedom is more important than the real housewives of New Jersey.

And that’s why I drink!