Some Very Exciting New Partnerships!

 I enjoy doing this site, I’ve said it many times before.  All things being equal though I would rather make money at something I enjoy than not and if I can make money while saving you money it seems like a win win.

Up until this point Amazon is the only advertiser on the site, the banner and the store are commission only and I make a small percentage of anything you purchase when you click on a link from this site to theirs.  These new programs work in the exact same way.

Honestly though in many respects these new partnerships with companies such as Advanced Auto Parts and WOOT are more beneficial to you the reader.  For example with Advanced I am given coupon codes which are for affiliates only, they won’t be printed or advertised anywhere else.  I don’t know how many of you work on your own vehicles like I do but these codes for 15% off total orders and $30 of $100 dollar orders will be fantastic.

Take $10 off $30, $20 off $50 and $30 off $100 orders at with code A123 (exp. 3/31/11)

Save 15% Off Your purchase with code AAP15OFF (exp. 3/31/11)

I hope that this can save you money, and I hope that this can help me earn some as well. Here is the best part, you don’t even have to see these banner ads! If you are using Firefox or some other major browsers you can (and should) install an addon called Ad Block Plus, it works great and unclutters webpages so you focus only on the content not the ads. If you have any questions on how to install this addon in a browser just email me and I will walk you through it [email protected] Once you install Ad Block Plus you can put different websites on a whitelist where if for some reason you want to see their adds you can.

These partnerships are all new and I am still largely unfamiliar with the process, some affiliates will give me coupon codes which if they are good I can pass on to you, but if you are looking for some deals from some of our known affiliates let me know and I may be able to send you some.

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