Think For God’s Sake

 “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it”  –   Henry Ford

I was listening to a podcast, somewhat of a newstalk/comdey show when the host was talking about a recent trip to South America. She was describing a scene where the group was on a jungle hike and saw some pregnant tribal woman with 6 or 7 kids and 5 pigs trying to cross a river that was 2-3 feet deep.

The host said the woman led the children across one by one, ranging in age for 8-mere months old, once the kids were across she took the pigs upstream and threw them one by one into the river where they would swim/float down until the oldest kid would grab the string around the pigs neck and pull it to shore.

After she described this story the host was just clearly amazed by this woman, how tough she was, how much ingenuity she possessed how clever to have been able to accomplish this feat on her own.


You’re amazed by this?

This womans people have probably been crossing this damn river in the same manner for thousands of years, do any of them build a bridge? Even some makeshift crossing? Apparently not. In hundreds if not thousands of years these people much like the blacks in Africa are literally no more advanced than they were at the dawn of time.

Certainly these non Whites lack the capacity to learn, invent and build. I’m not downing them for it, that is how they are made but for a host to be awe struck by what amounts to raw stupidity is ignorant on the hosts part.

Here she lives in a society where in the palm of her hand she can hold a computer so amazing that she can video chat with someone in the far corners of the earth in real time, she can get in a car and drive 700 miles in a single day, or jump in an airplane and fly literally to any location in the world in 24 hours, hell if she had the money she could hitch a ride to outer freaking space. Is she amazed by that? Is she just constantly thankful and PROUD that her race has made it possible to live both in the coldest and hottest climate on earth with equal comfort?

Apparently not, and why?

Because people don’t think, if they even try they so often miss the forest for the trees.

Until people actually use their brains, anything else is futile.

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