In Defense And Admiration Of The White Man

We’ve all been there, a high school graduation ceremony or really any function where groups of people gather and someone has a microphone.  At some point during their oratory they will ask that we the common man acknowledge the sacrifices made by the public servants, the cops, the firefighters and most importantly the military.  But why?

We’ve all heard some variation of “oh if it wasn’t for the military we would all be speaking German etc etc” but is it really true?  What has the military done for you?  When in the last 150 years has the US military fought to defend our land against an invading army?  Would Germany have invaded before WWII, the idea to any honest historian is laughable since Germany did everything it could to avoid war with the US, would Korea have invaded the US before the Korean War, or what about Vietnam?  Where they a threat to us?

Last time I checked our borders are wide open and a brown army floods in from the south.  But honestly and seriously consider what threat has the US military protected any of us from?  We go along with this notion because everyone else does, we “thank the troops” without considering what it is they actually do for us.  It’s been one excursion at the behest of the military industrial complex after another, just rampant adventurism for decades.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I am not opposed to having a military (although like the founders I think if you have a standing army history proves that you will use it) but I am saying that the military or any government worker shouldn’t be elevated on any pedestal even an inch above the working class White man.

Aside from the fact that the military has not engaged in a single conflict to defend this land while the illegal aliens have invaded by the 10’s of millions and the criminals in DC continue to disregard the Constitution which the military SWEARS to uphold, I don’t think we need to get the cart before the horse. Who is really the American hero?

Envision the scenario of the high school graduation, people seated on the football field on a early summer evening, the speaker steps up and begins the ritual of “thanking the troops” he asks for military past and present to stand up and the audience will undoubtedly erupt with applause. The audience filled with blue collar working white men, men who toil in the sun building houses, bridges, roads, mining, drilling wells, farming etc. Not only do these men provide us with the necessities of life, they pay the salaries of the cops, firefighters and the troops. Every single dime that any government worker is paid is stolen from someone else, either through taxation or inflation.

So I find this situation to not only be backwards but in fact perverse. I think it should be the government workers giving a roaring applause to the White middle class working man who makes it all possible, through the sweat of whose brow the world revolves. This is the atlas who has the world on his shoulders. 

So next time someone talks about thanking the troops, firefighters, or cops think about who is more important the employee, them, or the employer, us.