Government Shutdowns, Budget Cuts and the Land of Morons

Is this going to please the “tea party”? Cutting an entire 1% from the budget, that is extreme. I mean we will have this 14+ trillion dollar national debt paid off in no time! What retards fall for this dog and pony show? I’ve had multiple people talk to me about it as though it’s really major or “a step in the right direction”, it’s laughable. The government has to finance nearly 400billion dollars per month in new debt and these idiots think cutting 60billion matters?

It doesn’t matter, it’s not a step in the right direction it is a huge ruse so that the “tea party” candidates can tell the voters “see we did as promised we fought hard and cut spending” and sadly that will be good enough for most of them.

Let’s look at the cuts though, put them in easy to relate to terms.

Say you have a credit card with an unlimited credit limit. and you go out and take on 50,000 dollars in new debt every year, you are living large for years on end until your financial advisor steps in and says “look you really need to cut back you will never be able to pay all of this back” so do you say “well I’ll live within my means now”? No, instead you decide that instead of taking on 50,000 in new debt next year you will only take on 49,500! Problem solved, you cut your spending all right.

That is literally how absurd these cuts are, and when you look at them in relation to the big picture it becomes mind blowing, not just how minute to non existent the cuts are, but how dumb the people are who think it’s even noteworthy. Taken the above example if you were going from taking on 50,000 dollars in new debt per year to 49,500 would you consider this a feat worth bragging about as though you had really accomplished something? Or would you not even mention it because it’s so absurd and would make you look like an even bigger failure?