My Thoughts On Ron Pauls 2012 Run

First off, I’m excited about the prospect. I figured he would although I certainly wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. In the shape this countries in I wouldn’t want to be the last one in charge when the music stops. Nor when I’m 75 would I want to be still fighting the same fight you have been waging for a lifetime. (hopefully things are better when I’m 75)

After his last campaign I told myself that I was through with politics, that at least one if not two scenarios are true

1) the votes are rigged and it doesn’t matter
2) the American people are so dumb that they will never elect anyone who doesn’t pander to their brain dead state. (out of a country of 180 million voters he only got 1 million)

One of these had to be true, and either one makes accomplishing the goal of becoming elected impossible.

Some things have changed since 08, not a ton in the grand scheme of things, certainly I hold no hope for the “tea party” I lost faith in them literally after attending my first one.

However things are different, people are certainly more likely to listen to Paul now since all of his predictions have unfortunately come true.

Some of the talk shoe hosts who crucified him the first time around (Beck, Hannity etc) have attempted to at least maintain a cordial relationship with him not blacklisting him like in 08. In my opinion this is because they didn’t figure he would run in 2012, and Ron Paul is popular so they will sell their souls for ratings. So this time around, if they blacklist him and trash talk him it will make them look like hypocrites (they could still pull this off since their listners are morons)

Ron Paul predicted these wars would never end under Obama, and they have continued, he predicted that the economy was going off the rails, and 3 years later we are still in a depression. He predicted that Obama would be Bush’s 3rd term and over 2 years in Obama has been walking closely in the footprints of Bush (obviously, they have the same masters)

So seeing that Pauls predictions have come to fruition, the people are starting to see the effects of double digit inflation that Ron Paul has been predicting for years, and they see that there is never “change” in DC does he stand a chance this time?

I sure as hell hope so, we desperately need him, we honestly do, sure a Presidents powers are limited, but he could certainly veto every unconstitutional thing that came across his desk, every unbalanced budget, tax hikes etc.

So will I stay true to my word and abstain from the political process this time? It remains to be seen. I know that I will continue to blog about him, tell everyone I know about him, pass out flyers on peoples cars and mailboxes, put up signs etc. To me this is not just “oh I want my guy in the White House” but rather I want to wake people up to reality and Dr. Paul is a great primer. He was instrumental to me in my journey to learn the Truth and I hear similar stories all the time.

Our fight is much bigger than Ron Paul, than one lone honest politician in the den of criminals, our fight is for the Truth, and in Truth and honesty is freedom. As I said a few blog posts ago, I’m young and I want a light at the end of this tunnel, I do not want to live under a government which dictates everything I do and steals half my money in the process.

So whatever I can do to help now, for hopefully a better future I will do. Passionately as always.

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