What Does It Profit Me?

What does it profit me to think what I think and write what I write?

Today my views are far, far out of the mainstream. I am constantly trying to keep my ear to the ground in order to have an understanding of how the world works. So I sift through an amazing amount of information and at some point you know enough things to be factual that you can discard things which aren’t. After a time it becomes much easier to sort out the BS.

I’m sure most if not all of my regular readers have at one time or another been called a “racist, bigot or homophobe” it happens to me repeatedly. It certainly doesn’t discourage me, it’s disheartening to see how dumb people really are, but the comment itself doesn’t hurt me.

But I do find myself at times feeling quite out of place, which isn’t a bad thing, since I am not created for this world and am in fact instructed to “come out of her (babylon) my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues” So feeling out of place doesn’t really bother me either.

But I want those who are quick to the draw with their “racist, bigot, nazi, homophone, hater” attacks, to consider, what do I have to gain by running this site?

I’m not in it for the money, sure ideally I’d love to do it as a full time job but the odds of that are slim to none. I make enough money to cover the domain registration and that’s it. So I don’t profit, nor do I know anyone who says what I say that profits either, yet I know plenty of people on the flip side making millions if not billions, the ADL, SPLC receive millions of dollars in donations and those jews soak it up. They aren’t in it for the reasons I am.

I’m not in it for the fame, I blog anonymously, no fame in that. Yet I could write a book on Racism and do a book tour.

I don’t think what I do because it’s popular with my family and friends, don’t get me wrong my friends aren’t race mixing or doing anything on that level, but they certainly aren’t on the same page as me spiritually. Being Christian Identity isn’t something that wins you popularity contests. I really want you to consider this, I have never personally met another person who believes the CI message.

How would you feel if you were a Baptist surrounded by Muslims and knew there were other Baptist out there but you didn’t know any. It can be trying at times. When those around you, those you care about don’t think like you do.

So let me sum up, what I think and write earns me no money, no fame, no power, it’s unpopular with the world and largely my own family and friends, so what does it profit me? Well frankly it doesn’t. At least not in any tangible way, but it’s the right thing to do. I will always say and write what is the Truth, I can’t do it any other way.

So consider this before you spout off your rhetoric, I am saying and typing these things knowing I have nothing to gain, why would I say any of it if I didn’t honestly think it was true and feel convicted?

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