2011 On Track To Be Second Deadliest Year For US Troops In Afghanistan

Since the war started nearly a DECADE ago 2011 is gearing up to send more men home in body bags than any year other than 2010.  So far 117 have died in as many days, meaning at this rate somewhere around 350-400 will have been killed in total for the year. 

In the 28 months that the peace activist Obama has been at the helm 933 US men have been killed in Afghanistan alone.  In the 8 years that King Bush II waged this unconsitutional war a mere 630 were killed.  I never watch any mainstream news but I am pretty damn sure they aren’t constantly parading the death toll around, not when their golden boy is the one sending them to their deaths. 

So when will Obama stop our men from being killed and the trillions of dollars from going to the hands of the military industrial complex?  The thought is so humorous I can hardly put it to words.

America, the only one who will stop these wars, stop the Biblical amounts of your money being wasted is Dr. Ron Paul. So wake up.