My Thoughts On Atlas Shrugged

I read Atlas Shrugged a few years ago, before I had a firm grip on understanding the international jew.  I enjoyed the book, although not for the reasons that most others do I imagine.  The very idea of the productive class who hold up the world just shrugging and letting the parasites beg them back is a fascinating idea. Once and for all setting the record straight as we would see who really needs who in this relationship.

I don’t think I had consciously put the following thoughts together in my head until I read the following,a review of the movie. This is an excerpt the entire article is here.

“Atlas Shrugged, moreover, lends itself to a racial interpretation. Atlas Shrugged is about how a creative and productive minority is exploited by an inferior majority because of the acceptance of a false moral code (altruism) that beatifies the weak and pegs the worth of the strong to how well they serve their inferiors. When one asks “What is the race of Atlas?” it all falls into place. The Atlas that upholds the modern world is the White race, which is being enslaved and destroyed by the acceptance of a false moral code (racial altruism) that teaches that non-Whites fail to meet White standards only because of White wickedness, and that Whites can only expiate this racial guilt by giving their wealth and power and societies to non-Whites.

Altruism is ultimately nihilism, since when the inferior finally cripple and destroy their superiors, they will perish too. But such consequences don’t matter to locusts, parasites, and people in the grip of false values. The only thing that will save us all is a moral revolution, a new form of egoism, although I part ways from Rand on the nature of this revolution, since she is an individualist and I am a racial collectivist. Rand thinks that the individual is more important than the group, which is what you would expect of a childless woman who lived largely in her head.

Rand’s aesthetic is deeply fascist—and Socialist Realist—with its emphasis on man’s heroic transformation of nature through science, technology, and industry. Rand also had a taste for Nordic types. All of her heroes are tall, lean Nordics. Rand, born Alissa Rosenbaum, was not.”

I doubt Rand had that idea in mind when she penned the book, or the rest of her writings, but the authors claims checks out and if you do substitute the White race for Atlas and the “altruism” for the destruction of White racial consciousness and pride. 

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