The “Greatest Generation” My Ass

I remember the first time I heard the term “the greatest generation” I was still in school and much in awe of the military. My grandparents lived through the depression and my granddad fought in WWII. At the time, I found no flaw with people claiming it was the greatest, it seemed great to me.

Sadly it wasn’t. While I don’t put the brunt of the blame on their shoulders I sure as hell don’t elevate them on a pedestal. (FWIW, I put the brunt of the blame on the people who fought in the Union army against the South, allowed the creation of the Fed, voted for FDR and supported his marxist crap) No the New Deal era rapid advancement of marxism cannot be blamed on the “greatest generation” (maybe some of them but most were probably too young).

In school I was taught how heroic it was the our men defeated the evil nazis but in reality it was our men who sided with bolshevik russia (while those marxist jews killed millions of White Christians) and plunged a dagger in the back of Germany as they attempted to stop the red menace. Point blank we fought on the wrong side of WWII as Patton himself realized and admitted in his writings (which in my opinion was why he was killed). So WWII cannot be listed in the + column when we add up the achievements of the GG.

They certainly had a pile of White kids, which was a major plus and as far as I’m concerned their crowning achievement. They were hard working men, much harder than today and deserved the spoils of the 50’s. However they were also the start of American Apathy, raising children who were hippies and fell for the talmudic communist BS of drugs, free love, homosexuality, destruction of Christianity and the family. The 60’s were a major turning point for America and while the “greatest generation” had a bunch of kids, a good bit of them were idiots.

America has a rich history, I’m not downplaying the achievements of our people don’t get me wrong. But you must admit that the trend is towards destruction and for any modern generation to claim to be “the greatest” makes them seem delusional.

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