Ander Crenshaw Is A Dumbass

Well a lying marxist is more accurate.

A few years ago before the government handed over trillions to the jewish bankers I wrote many, many congressman telling them point blank “if you vote for this bailout I will vote for your opponent in every election you ever have”

Not surprisingly many of these whores added me to their mailing lists. Former investment banker Ander Crenshaw is one of them. Here is an excerpt from one such email last month.

Americans Win with $38.5 Billion in Spending Cuts 

“With my vote to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year and cut $38.5 billion in spending, I stood side-by-side with the residents of Florida and all Americans. They demand that Washington cut spending, put them back to work, and place our nation on a path to permanent prosperity, and I couldn’t agree more.

That’s why I outlined my support for the bill in a House floor speech before casting a ‘yes’ in favor of this historic agreement. I told my colleagues and all who were watching that Congress led example turning the budget-cutting knife on ourselves with cutbacks to our own Member, Leadership, and Committee budgets.”

Only a career politician and utter scumbag could ever utter such self serving lies.  Does anyone fall for this crap anymore? 

Wow Congressman, we have to finance 4 TRILLION dollars in new debt this year but somehow you managed to cut less than 1 percent!  You’re a genius a patriot and should be in line for a Nobel Prize.