Rest In Peace Buster Martin

I looked up Buster online last night, and was quite saddened to see he had passed away last month. He sure gave it one helluva run though from 1906 – 2011. I liked Buster for a variety of reasons and on several levels. He seemed to enjoy life and have a good sense of humor, and that was probably first and foremost, but in his enjoyment his entire life flew in the face of mainstream parroted “science” Here is a quote of his

When it comes to his secret to a long life, Martin says he follows a diligent regimen of beer, cigarettes and red meat.

“I’m rather open about that. I just wake up in the morning and get out of bed,” said Martin, who says he’s been smoking and drinking for the better part of a century and doesn’t intend to stop until he’s dead.

“If I don’t have my beer, then I don’t want to run,” he said. “I run as far as I like. When I want to stop, I stop.”

What’s not to like about a 100 year old man, who smokes, drinks, loves red meat, competes in marathons, still worked everyday, and can ward of 3 teenage attackers (probably black), the guy was a dynamo and I think he’s cool as hell.

I live my life with the mindset of everything in moderation, there is no silver bullet, try to take care of yourself don’t eat poisons like aspartame, but by God nobody is getting out alive and we should enjoy ourselves and enjoy life like Buster did until the end. No need to beat yourself up because you enjoy a type of food that that doctors don’t (after all they have no trouble with aspartame, but God forbid you eat the fat off a ribeye)

So Buster, thank you for your example, rest in peace my friend.