What Has Ron Paul Done?

As is made obvious by this blog, I tell everyone I know about Ron Paul. It is a good easy way to open up a discussion with people. Of course Ron Paul’s views are so easily defendable since he has maintained such consistency throughout his career and only promotes common sense solutions. So when the subject comes up the people who are trained to dislike Paul have no ammo and have started to come back with “well what has Ron Paul done?” A question which I quickly direct back at them. What hasn’t he done?

America is in the final stages of being destroyed, it’s military is bogged down overseas, the government and it’s people are bankrupt and the manufacturing base has been demolished. Honestly I can’t think of a single good thing the government has done in 100 years. America is like a corporation who was run into the ground by greedy executives. It’s akin to Enron, where Congress is the board of directors. Everyone in congress is complicit at best, nobody wants to rock the boat so long as they and their friends are getting theirs. Everyone but Ron Paul of course, the lone “No” vote more times in Congress than everyone else put together.

It’s what Ron Paul hasn’t done that makes him stand out.

He hasn’t
voted for an unbalanced budget.

He hasn’t voted to raise the debt ceiling.

He hasn’t voted to restrict my freedom in any way.

He hasn’t voted to raise my taxes.

He hasn’t
voted to send men off to die in fruitless wars.

He hasn’t
voted to increase the size or scope of government.

He hasn’t ever voted against our Constitution.

That is what makes Dr. Paul special and what makes millions of Americans support him.