America: Land Of The Poor

Americans for a long long time have bought into the collective delusion that we are rich (and free which is a topic for another time). We are rich right? I turn on the TV and see people the world over living in tents, with their ribs showing. I don’t live in a tent so I must be rich.

That’s the typical thought process for most people. What wealth does America have now? Let’s look at the average citizen. They have 10’s of thousands in credit card debt, 10’s of thousands in car debt, 10’s if not hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, 100’s of thousands in house debt and various in sundry other more minor debts.

Outwardly this person looks like they are doing pretty well, they have a college degree, drive a nice car, live in a nice house, have nice clothes and eat well. So outwardly they look much better than the person overseas living in a tent but in reality they own none of those things, the jewish banker owns all of it. And this sad person will work tirelessly often for their entire lives paying the jew banker this debt. It’s tragic.

It’s tragic and yet it’s reality, you strip away the credit (from which the jew very literally has a printing press) and this American is now only marginally (if at all) better than any “poor” person overseas.

You were undoubtedly taught in school that slavery in America had been abolished. False. Slavery is alive and well, the borrower is slave to the lender and nearly every American is a borrower. Not just the citizens but the government itself is a borrower and a slave to the jewish money lenders. The jews print the money costing them nothing, and loan it out at interest. You understand this and you will begin to understand reality.

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