Jew Dan Adler Urges Non Whites To “Stick Together”

White man, you damn sure better learn what every other race already knows.  That you must stick together, you must fight for your interests.  The jew has told us that White pride is horrible, but black pride should be celebrated.

But I am telling you that we have a SERIOUS demographic crisis, only 54% of the population under 18 is White.  Barely half are even of the same race as the people who founded this country…..

We need many things if we are going to survive, and one of those is a White baby boom, but we also need to stick together. Stick with your race, your skin is your uniform, that is your team. Have pride in your race because we are the greatest to ever walk the earth.

In this video the jew does what the jew does best. Race baiting, enabling the non Whites, promoting cohesion within them while he sows discord between us. 

So learn the jews tricks, and teach others.

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