Double Dip? I Never Even Knew We Went Up

This is the result from simply typing “double dip” into jewgle news search (I use yandex but they don’t have a news search feature)

Here are some headlines.

Bloomberg – Amity Shlaes – 7 hours ago
A look at a past double-dip, the recessions of 1980 and of 1981-1982, suggests we are due. That double-dip also suggests the Federal Reserve should raise …

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News – 8 hours ago
Will there be a double dip in the real estate market? Is the market crashing for a second time?

The Korea Herald – Kim So-hyun – 14 hours ago
The world economy is seeing some signs of a slowdown due to the eurozone’s debt problems and a weak US housing sector, but is not headed for a double-dip …

DailyFinance – 9 hours ago
“The implications of this increased spending, should we indeed double dip, is that the impact of the recession is going to be magnified exponentially. …

And we are presented with the false paradigm, the “we have always been at war with east asia”. Something that they proclaim everyday on every channel like it is a fact, there are things we can argue about(usually meaningless drivel) and there are things which they want to push as the Truth so hard that it isn’t even questioned, because they want to form the way in which you ask questions. They want you to go to work and if the economy comes up in conversation say “Joe, what do you think, are we heading for a double dip, or do you think we are clear of the 08 problems?” They want to frame your thoughts. This cannot be overstated, so pay attention for it.

The Truth is there is no double dip because we never came out of the first crash based on any metric you choose. Here is the Dow/Gold Ratio, the only meaningful way to price the market. For example the Dow can go to 50,000 but if it takes 5,000 dollars to fill up your gas tank you haven’t benefited.

In 10 years we have gone from 44:1 to less than 8:1. This 8:1 ratio by the way is EXACTLY where it has been for the last 3 years, they have pumped trillions into the market which has brought in nominally up to 12,000 yet commodities have all doubled in price too so what is the benefit? There is none.

So what about unemployment, have we had a surge in those numbers since the crash of 08? Nope no improvement there either. Even by government (BS) measurement it hasn’t gone below 9% in the last 3 years.

So tell me, when did we ever come out of this “dip”? I’d love to know. I’d love to see the metrics in which you measure it because certainly more people haven’t gone back to work, or gotten wealthier. In fact the contrary we are saddled with trillions in new debt, with more wars, bigger deficits and a much bigger government. None of these things are good for Americans and none of them signal ever ascending out of a “dip” in the first place.