What You Can Do. Part I

It’s been over 2 months since I first wrote this post, where I promised to list real actions that people could take. Forgive me for taking so long, and without further adieu.

As I zoom out from our situation as far as I possibly can, I see a pendulum. Picture that in your mind, on one side of the pendulum you have good and the other evil.  On the evil side you have ultimately lucifer who calls the shots, and everything which is truly evil in this world can be traced to him.  On the good side you have Yahweh the creator of the universe.  Everything which is good comes from him.  Jesus said “I am the way, the Truth and the Life”, so literally he is the Truth, by diligently searching for it no matter the cost we will become closer to him.  Conversely Satan is a liar and the father of lies. 

So the goal of my entire life is to swing the pendulum, to swing it from evil be it a marxist usurious jew run police state, a morally degenerate people or ignorant buffoons who are so mentally inept they don’t even care about what happens to their own race because they can’t plan 3 months ahead let alone a generation.

So these steps are to help swing that giant pendulum, it won’t be easy, but it’s what I’m put here to do.

1) Have White children. In this country and certainly the world we have many problems, one of the most serious is the demographic crisis. Even in America, a country founded by White Men today White children under 18 are the minority in 1/5 of US States. I can’t begin to fathom how dangerous and potentially catastrophic this is but it needs to be understood. The only way for our race to survive at all is to procreate, 1 or 2 kids isn’t enough, have as many as you can possibly afford and then have one more. We desperately need another White baby boom in this country or every other point I mention may be rendered moot.  Be fruitful and multiply.

2) Assert your views. If you read this blog regularly than it’s safe to say your views are a ways outside of the mainstream and seeing as that’s the case espousing these views is much more difficult.  You will often be met with ridicule and disdain.  But we are in greater number than we think but we are so damn timid that we can never network because nobody will talk about these ideas face to face with another human, they do it all online, which is useful but harder to build real world networks.  Some examples of being assertive would be questioning a college professor (if you are unfortunately in college) who is either a marxist or a neo con, it’s important to question teachers (or anyone) in a public forum for several reasons.  First, you are armed with the Truth and so long as you have decent debate skills you can easily win the argument shutting down their BS rhetoric.  And second there are likely at least a few people in the audience who are sort of on the fence about the topic at hand, deep down they think like you do, but for fear of reprisal they keep quiet and don’t rock the boat.  But when you stand up for say Ron Paul with a neo con professor it lets other people know that they aren’t the only ones.   There is power in numbers, once they realize that there are other people who think like they do it’s empowering for all of you.

3) Get out of debt.  I read a quote the other day, something along the lines of “gold is the money of kings, silver the money of gentleman, barter the money of peasants and debt the money of slaves”  If you are in debt not only does someone else (ultimately a jew) own whatever it is you think you own, but the usury makes them very rich.  Interest rates are commonly above 20%, sometimes several hundred percent if you are dumb enough to go the cash advance places.   If you do not have your own financial house in order how can you expect the government to?  That would be hypocritical.  How do you expect to help others if your own house is in disorder?

4) Protect your assets.  During this time of financial uncertainty there is no better place to be than tangible assets, be it gold and silver or brass and lead.  With the jews printing money with reckless abandon everything will rise in price as accordance with the first law of economics, supply and demand, there is more money chasing the same or fewer goods, make sure you have what is scarce.  (hint: fiat currency ain’t scarce)

5) Be fit.  We live in tumultuous times, no question.  Seeing as literally anything can happen tomorrow you must be fit.  Physically, mentally and spiritually (not necessarily in that order).  I can’t stress enough how important it is that you are rock solid, a person of reasonable physical strength, moral fortitude and mentally sound.  I promise you if you get these 3 down people will come to you for advice, they will seek your counsel because there are not many people today who can face life head on without crutches, if you can you will stand out and it will be noticed.  When people inevitably do come to you, then you will be in a position to help them and in turn help the world.  To help push that pendulum.

So these are the first five things.  I hope you like them, they are kind of basic things but they are all so absolutely critical.  If you do these steps, things will change and the more people who do them the bigger and better the change will be, I personally guarantee it. 

There is no silver bullet, no quick fix.  Pendulums don’t swing that quickly, just look at the marxist takeover, it’s taken them 100 years to get this far so it will take us more than 10 minutes to push back their progress. 

Stay encouraged as you work through these steps, and stay tuned for more to come.

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