44% Of Non Whites In America Don’t Know Who America Declared Independance From

According to this Maris National Poll 44% of non Whites in America don’t even know who America declared independence from.

Why the hell should they? It wasn’t their ancestors who fought and died on the battle fields so that their posterity could be free. These non Whites have no ties whatsoever to this country, they immigrate here for the free lunch. Our WHITE fore fathers created this country from a barren wilderness over decades and generations. They farmed and created businesses that were passed on to the next generation.

Non Whites are not like you and me. They couldn’t care less about the rich history of this country and as such should not be considered Americans.

Being born in America doesn’t make you an American any more than being born a male makes you a man.

2 thoughts on “44% Of Non Whites In America Don’t Know Who America Declared Independance From

  1. Dear Sir,
    These are great articles and I agree with them and the truth they teach. However you need to be making a much bigger deal about what’s really happening to the white race. All well and good to loudly proclaim the land and country is ours but it’s ludicrous to ignore we are becoming extinct as a RACE because of CONTRACEPTION and abortion. It’s mainly contraception which is killing our race though. The average family in 1920 was 7 with some bigger and others smaller. Now it is 2 with a lot of people choosing to have no children. THIS is why we are losing our country combined with immigration. We are forced into immigration as well because our economy needs workers who we can no longer provide. Hope this makes sense, yours sincerely, Frances Kelly

  2. Max…. The Kingdom of Heaven will NOT be pretty for your race. Believe that more than you believe in the Messiah. Francis….. The chickens have come home to roost!

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