Understanding The Demonization Of Iran

Ask the average person on the street about Iran and they will tell you with 100% certainty that Iran is supplying weapons to “terrorist groups” and wants to wipe Kikestan off the map. They feel this way because this is what they have been told repeatedly, from the left right and center.

When analysing any scenario it is important to ask “who benefits”. Who benefits from the mid east wars? Sure the military industrial complex benefits, and Kikestan benefits as systematically their enemies in the middle east are destabilized or destroyed. The average US citizen doesn’t benefit from this militarism not only does it cause understandable resentment in the muslim world but it also contributes largely to the bankruptcy of our country.

So it is no surprise that Kikestan and it’s various mouthpeices in the US continually lie flat out to the American public about matters in the mid east in order to sway opinion to benefit jewish interests.

Take this latest example I stumbled across. Admiral Mike Mullen said recently “Iran is very directly supporting extremist troops which are killing our troops,” upon reading this it would strengthen most peoples support of the war if Mullen was telling the truth. However Mike Mullen is not an unbiased source for middle eastern news, his name may sound familiar because he routinely spews neo con rhetoric going so far as to say

” We have appreciation for Israel and we can take care of its security.” “This important relationship with Israel grows stronger every day,” he said. “We are close partners, since the establishment of the state. I am aware of the needs of Israel in every step. I’m here to understand the perspective of those who live here. I worry about the stability and the possibility for instability in the region. We will operate all our forces to have a stable and secure Israel and for the people of Israel.”

In his quotes he shows his hand, shows his true allegiance and therefore is not an unbiased pro American source for opinion on middle eastern affairs.