Edgar Steele – “Thank You”

Thank You!
by Edgar J. Steele

Your continued belief in me, despite the government show trial that netted me four major Federal Felony convictions, means more than I can say. I was, of course, railroaded on false charges and phony evidence. It happens here in Amerika these days with far too much regularity.

While I desperately try to get a new trial with a new lawyer (hopefully, in a different place and with different prosecutors, judge and jury) I am trying to send you the real story. I am releasing each week excerpts from the book I am writing about this case, to be entitled “Evil Edgar.” As you can see, I have not yet entirely lost my sense of humor, though jail does take it out of you.

I am finishing up another book, too, which I have entitled “Conjuring.” Conjuring is a real departure from my previous writing in subject matter, but may be the most important thing I ever have written.

They didn’t let me do a thing in erecting my own trial defense, of course, so I’m curious to see how they decide to respond to these Internet messages I am getting out to you now via Cyndi.

Yes, Cyndi is the very same person who was the alleged victim of “my” nefarious plot. She is intimately familiar with all the facts of my case and she doesn’t believe I was out to get her. Neither does anybody who knows me, either.

Finally, however, Cyndi now does believe everything I have said in the past about Amerika’s government and the way it railroads the politically-incorrect into prison to silence us and to make it serve as a warning to all those left behind out there.

This may be a costly lesson for us, but you should heed its message. Be careful.

If you have been thinking of leaving America (as I seriously considered a few years ago, but decided not to do unfortunately), there never will be a better time than right now. I wish you would stick around for the upcoming un-pleasantries (see “Defensive Racism”) – we will need all the help we can get – but I, of all people, understand why you might not wish to do so. I wish you the very best of luck with whichever path you choose.

One long-time reader sent me an email that stated, in part: “I have long feared that you would be silenced… the best way to avoid such a fate is by leaving the country. I have already done so myself… it would be much more difficult for the bad guys to get away with the same kind of frame-up here. I am living and working in Communist China.”

For the most part, I do not see any of the emails sent me. Occasionally, like the one above, an email gets snail-mailed to me here in jail and I actually am allowed it by my jailers. I seem to be seeing much more snail-mail here in Latah County Jail, but I know that much of the mail sent to me at Spokane County and Bonner County jails mysteriously went astray.

Your thoughts and heartfelt support sustain me, rest assured. I read everything I am allowed to see and try to answer as much as I can, if not all of it.

Bless you. If and when I get out of here, which will require a new trial and an acquittal, it will be due to the efforts, support and understanding of readers like yourself. Never will I forget it, regardless of the outcome.