Where Were You Billy Ray?

After having been a succesful country music singer you undoubtedly knew how the “entertainment” business could be. Why would you want this for your daughter? Everyone wants their children to be more succesful than they were and using some metrics your daughter has succeeded. But at what ultimate price?

Was it worth it to have a jew take nude pictures of her when she was just a teenager and put it on the cover of a magazine for every pedophile in America to buy? Was it worth it now they she has renounced any form of family values, having seemingly been total corrupted by a totally corrupt industry?

How many examples do you need to see what would happen to your daughter? Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lindsey Lohan etc. etc. You see what happens to these girls, they start off innocent enough and quickly they are turned into promiscuous whores, and worse they convince millions of girls to follow.

So what the hell were you thinking? No amount of money and fame can be worth what you are having to pay as you watch your child being destroyed by an evil industry.

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