4 Benefits Of TSHTF

Talk to the average person on the street and they will universally agree that we live in tumultuous times. Now the average person on the street doesn’t know much, but it’s evidence that you don’t have to be very astute to realize the precipice we find ourselves on.

Anyone who spends any amount of time online reading about topics such as gold or survival will be familiar with the term SHTF. It’s generally used to define a total collapse of our system as we know it, and as far as I can tell seen as quite a negative on the surface. In light of recent events in the market the question is raised in my mind “is this it?, is this the beggining of a sociatal collapse?” It’s certainly possible, even likely but not a sure thing.

I find myself pondering a SHTF scenario more in recent days, imagining life after a sociatal breakdown. It sure as hell won’t be easy, but there will be advantages and most of them revolve around the premise of a return to the basics of life.

1) Men will become Men again, or they will die.
1a)Women will become women again or they won’t be able to find a Man to take care of them.

2) No more will you be bogged down with the minutiae of a typical life, it won’t matter if your lawn is mowed, what your neighbor thinks, if you will be able to pay your bills, if you will get laid off. You won’t be run ragged taking your kids to sports practice or school etc. The trivialities of life will be wittled away to the bare neccesities and people will be forced to focus instead on what is important.

3) It may give a chance for a better FAR less oppresive government down the road. There will be no permits needed to build a structure or open carry a firearm. Unshackling from a police state has a multitude of advantages to long to list.

4) The herd will be culled. I am sickened by the site of the lazy fatass who bears no resemblance of the rugged individualist fighters who freed us from the British or the cowboys who tamed the west. These people are a drag on society which now wallows in it’s decadance.

It certainly won’t be a walk in the park, don’t think that I am naive. In fact I expect 1/3 of the population of the US to die within 3 months between lack of medical care, mass suicides, mass murders, riots and starvation. After this period though the weak will perish and the strong will continue on un incumbered by having to support the unproductive in society.

The time to prepare is now, even if current events don’t immedietly lead to a collapse do not become apathetic. Do not breath a sigh of relief but continue to prepare for the worst. Your life may depend on it. It will be rough, but life goes on.

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