Police State Cracks Down On Gibson Guitars

America is a country in chaos. Bankers openly buy politicians who make the laws and appoint the judges who rule whether or not they are Constitutional, so you can certainly see the pecking order of importance. Without the hundreds of billions of dollars in “campaign contributions” (see bribes) these politicians will never make it to the big leagues. So today we have an example of the federal governments boot coming down on the neck of American business. Enter Gibson Guitars, a company which is 120 years old, now faces serious charges which may result in jail time for people within the company. The crime? Well they haven’t been charged with anything, just raided multiple times, but the government (see corrupt bastards) say they imported illegal wood from overseas in violation of one of the millions of laws they have on the books. Wow, thank God the government steps in to protect us…………. This would be a prime example of utter stupidity and triviality, or may even become the definition of making a mountain out of a molehill if you didn’t consider the state of affairs in the rest of the corporate world. (Many of these examples are laid out in the documentary Inside Job) The US is run by the most corrupt, unscrupulous ruthless bastards in it’s history and as such they are complicit in the crimes committed in the corporate world against the American people. America is a country where people make hundreds of billions of dollars by creating a bubble, this time in real estate. Due to nothing but greed and made possible only through fraud this bubble is inflated to the point where it explodes. The bubble was so vast that it’s shockwaves threatened to destroy not only the people who actively created it but other more innocent parties. So what do the corrupt bastards in the government do? Let those who perpetrated this crime fail? Face prison time? Execution? Hah. These people were given TRILLIONS of dollars FROM THE VICTIMS of the crime! It is so utterly perverse and sinister that it boggles the mind. Then these same assholes have the audacity to go after a company who actually still manufacturers things in this country and threaten them with prison time?!??!! Corruption like this cannot go on forever, it just can’t. Whether the people will rise up and demand justice, or whether it collapses under it’s own filth, it will end. For more information on the matter discussed herein follow these links. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News/gibson-0825-2011/ American jobs are being FORCED overseas at gunpoint http://www.redstate.com/aglanon/2011/08/31/doj-advises-gibson-guitar-to-export-labor/ Gibson attacked for supporting the GOP http://www.thecitizen.com/node/8415

Identified: NYPD Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters


A photographer has identified the cruel and cowardly NYPD supervisor who point blank maced a penned in group of young women and then slinks away Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protests:
Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna of the NYPD Patrol Borough Manhattan South.
If you think Deputy Inspector Bologna should be fired and prosecuted for his abuse of power, file an on-line complaint with:

What A Scumbag Jew

This is not a new story, but it is new to me. I am currently reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street and in the book they discuss Barry Minkow.  I will embed a few videos which will give some background info but the gist of it is

1) Minkow starts ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning company at the age of 16
2) At 18 he is worth over a million dollars
3) The company goes public and on paper has revenues of nearly a 1/4 of a billion dollars.
4) Minkow is found out to be a fraud, running a ponzi scheme and working with organized crime (kosher nostra).

This brings you to the point in time where these videos take over.  The 60 minutes interview in particular certainly put him in as good a light as possible basically “sure he has done bad things but look at him now what a great guy”

So at the end of the 60 minutes interview you get the sense that this jewish scam artist has turned over a new leaf, he is an evangelical preacher (lol) and helps the Feds uncover other frauds. All certainly sounds swell. Until of course reality hits. It turns out a tiger can’t change his stripes. (the following is taken from wikipedia)

In 2009, Minkow issued a report accusing major homebuilder Lennar of massive fraud. Minkow claimed that irregularities in Lennar’s off-balance-sheet debt accounting were evidence of a massive Ponzi scheme. Minkow accused Lennar of not disclosing enough information about this to its shareholders, and also claimed a Lennar executive took out a fraudulent personal loan.[26] In an accompanying YouTube video, Minkow denounced Lennar as “a financial crime in progress” and “a corporate bully.” Lennar’s stock plummeted in the wake of Minkow’s reports. From January 9 (when Minkow first made his accusations) to January 22, Lennar’s stock tumbled from $11.57 a share to only $6.55.[24] Minkow issued the report after being contacted by Nicholas Marsch, a San Diego developer who had filed two lawsuits against Lennar for fraud. Indeed, the language of the FDI report echoed that used in Marsch’s filings. One of Marsch’s suits was summarily thrown out; the other ended with Marsch having to pay Lennar $12 million in counterclaims.[15]

Lennar responded by adding Minkow as a defendant in a libel-and-extortion suit against Marsch. Minkow initially wasn’t concerned, since he’d prevailed before in similar cases on free-speech grounds.[24] According to court records, Minkow had shorted Lennar stock, buying $20,000 worth of options in a bet that the stock would fall.[26] Even more seriously, he also bought Lennar stock after his FDI report, believing the stock would rebound after its dramatic plunge.[27] Minkow initially denied doing this, only to be forced to recant when confronted with trading records. Minkow also forged documents alleging misconduct on Lennar’s part, and lied about having to go to the emergency room on the night before he was first scheduled to testify. He also went forward with the report even after a private investigator he’d hired for the case couldn’t substantiate Marsch’s claims. In an unrelated development, it was also revealed that Minkow operated the FDI out of the offices of his church and even used church money to fund it—something which could potentially jeopardize his church’s tax-exempt status.[15]

On December 27, 2010, Florida Circuit Court Judge Gill Freeman issued terminating sanctions against Minkow in response to a motion by Lennar. Freeman found that Minkow had repeatedly lied under oath, destroyed or withheld evidence, concealed witnesses, and deliberately tried to “cover up his misconduct.” According to Freeman, Minkow had even lied to his own lawyers about his behavior. Freeman determined that Minkow had perpetuated “a fraud on the court” that was so egregious that letting the case go any further would be a disservice to justice. In her view, “no remedy short of default” was appropriate for Minkow’s lies. She ordered Minkow to reimburse Lennar for the legal expenses it incurred while ferreting out his lies. According to legal experts, it is extremely rare for a judge to issue terminating sanctions, since they are reserved for particularly egregious misconduct and have the effect of revoking a litigant’s right to defend himself. Earlier, Freeman had been so angered by Minkow’s behavior that she called him a liar in open court, a rarity for a judge. Lennar estimates that its attorneys and investigators spent hundreds of millions of dollars exposing Minkow’s lies.[28][29]

On March 16, 2011, Minkow announced through his attorney that he was pleading guilty to one count of insider trading. According to his lawyer, Minkow had bought his Lennar options using “nonpublic information.” The plea, which is separate from the civil suit, came a month after Minkow learned he was the subject of a criminal investigation. Minkow claimed not to know at the time that he was breaking the law. The SEC had already been probing Minkow’s trading practices. On the same day, Minkow resigned as senior pastor of Community Bible Church, saying in a letter to his flock that since he was no longer “above reproach,” he felt that he was “no longer qualified to be a pastor.” Six weeks earlier, $50,000 in cash and checks was stolen from the church during a burglary. Though unsolved, it was noted as suspicious due to Minkow’s admitted history of staging burglaries to collect insurance money.[26][30][31][32]

The nature of the “nonpublic information” became clear a week later, when federal prosecutors in Miami filed a criminal information charging Minkow with one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Prosecutors charged that Minkow and Marsch (listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the complaint) conspired to extort money from Lennar by driving down its stock. The complaint also revealed that Minkow had sent his allegations to the FBI, SEC and IRS, and that the three agencies found his claims credible enough to open a formal criminal investigation into Lennar’s practices. Minkow then used confidential knowledge of that investigation to short Lennar stock, even though he knew he was barred from doing so.[33][34][35] Minkow opted to plead guilty to the conspiracy charge rather than face charges of securities fraud and market manipulation, which could have sent him to prison for life.[36]

On March 30, Minkow pleaded guilty before Judge Patricia A. Seitz. Minkow’s attorney, Alvin Entin, admitted that his client had acted recklessly, but had been “deluded and taken advantage of” by Marsch. Minkow faces a maximum of five years in prison, and may have to pay as much as $350,000 in fines and penalties and $500 million in restitution. However, he has agreed to cooperate with the government in its probe of Marsch.[37][38][39]

The Los Angeles Times obtained a copy of the plea agreement, in which Minkow admitted to issuing his FDI report on Lennar at Marsch’s behest. According to the agreement, Marsch offered to have Minkow retract his report if Lennar paid him in cash and stock. It also said that Minkow’s report triggered a bear raid which temporarily reduced the market capitalization of Lennar by $583 million. Minkow faced a minimum of 30 years in prison had the case gone to trial.[40]

On June 16, Freeman ordered Minkow to pay Lennar $584 million in damages—roughly the amount the company lost as a result of the bear raid. Freeman’s ruling stated that Minkow and Marsch had entered into a conspiracy to wreck Lennar’s stock in November 2008.[39] With interest, the bill could easily approach a billion dollars—far more than he stole in the ZZZZ Best scam.[41]

On July 21, Seitz sentenced Minkow to five years in prison. However, he could serve as few as three years depending on how well he cooperates in the federal investigation of Marsch. In imposing the sentence, Seitz said that Minkow had “no moral compass that says ‘Stop.'” Seitz also ordered him to pay Lennar $583.5 million in restitution—an amount that had been imposed a month earlier in the civil case.[23][42][43] This could be a potentially ruinous amount for Minkow, on top of the money he still owes the ZZZZ Best victims and Union Bank.

Seitz had recommended that Minkow serve his sentence at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery in Montgomery, Alabama. However, on September 20, he was ordered to begin his sentence at Federal Medical Center, Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky.[44]

So this evangelical jew is up to his same old tricks, I wonder what is going on at his church

(again taken from wikipedia) On June 14, 2011; KGTV in San Diego interviewed several members of Minkow’s former church, who said Minkow swindled them. One woman said Minkow asked her for $300,000, purportedly to help finance a movie about his redemption. The FBI is investigating.[45]

Almost a month later, on July 6, it emerged that officials with Community Bible Church had accused Minkow of running the Fraud Discovery Institute with church funds, applying for credit cards in the names of church members and leading his flock into bad investments. Church officials had made the claims as part of a confidential pre-sentencing report. When Minkow’s attorney, Alvin Entin, got word of the letter, he asked for and was granted two weeks to review the allegations and respond to them. This pushed Minkow’s sentencing back to July 21.[43][46] This was the second time Minkow’s sentencing had been postponed; it was originally slated for June 16 but was postponed to July 6.

So I reiterate the title, what a scumbag jew. All told this jew has probably defrauded people of billions of dollars, he is a scam artist of the highest order. That is bad enough, what is worse is that clearly he cannot be rehabilitated into regular society. Just another example of a jew stealing money from others time and time again. It is their racial commitment.

The Little Man

I spoke with a guy who runs a convenience store the other day. Vietnam vet, nice guy, I’ve known him for several years. You walk into his store now and the shelves are bare, a little bit of beer, no cigarettes. So I asked him about business, he said the majority of people in the surrounding area are unemployed (which is true). He said before he was selling 300 cases of beer per week, last week he sold 12. As I said his cigarette shelves are bare so he isn’t selling those either. It’s sad to see any mom and pop shop in decline, but the story takes a sadder twist. He said the distributor he bought cigarettes from went to $64 per carton (his price) for Class A cigs like Marlboro Reds. At places like Wal-Mart the same carton is low to mid 50’s. He said that companies like that and bigger gas stations get a kickback from Philip Morris because they sell so many cartons, basically making it near impossible for the little man to sell them. Another story about his milk distributor who went up to 6 dollars per gallon on milk when you can buy it yourself for 3 bucks on sale at a chain drug store. The little man cannot compete with these national chain stores, not even close. So either they have a very loyal customer base who just ponies up the extra money, which in the best of times may be plausible, but in a wrecked economy like this it’s not going to happen. So the little man folds, gone for good and we become a nation of huge multi national corporations. Don’t misunderstand me, there is nobody who I hold in higher regard than entrepreneurs, and I realize that in the case of Wal-Mart it is the fruits of arguably the most successful entrepreneur. I also understand the buggy whips, and I wouldn’t want to feel nostalgic for them. But at the same time we see well connected companies getting kickbacks while the little guy struggles, it doesn’t seem like the way things should be. The entire 20th century there were big companies, but they coincided with small mom and pops, only in the latter part did the corporations begin to take over as government involvement (taxes and regulations) raised the barriers of entry to the point where nobody can compete other than those standing on the top of the hill. So whoever is to blame it is a sad day when the little man gets shut down.

The Gold Tsunami

The Gold (and Silver) bull continues to closely follow the giant wave formation of a tsunami.  The recent more parabolic rise in Gold up to above $1,900 is analogous to the little ridge of water we first saw way out in the distance, and now, much like when the waters recede from the shore early in the tsunami wave formation, Gold is undergoing a correction.
As the “Gold” waters receded, the diehard deflationists have run out onto the bare sea bed to whoop and holler that the sea of Dollar Inflation is ending.  They currently hop about the nearby sea floor waving their arms in victory as they envision a catastrophic deflationary depression that will wreck the financial market back to the Stone Age, and the price of the Precious Metals along with it.  Unfortunately, they fail to understand the wave cycle at work as the waters are sucked away from the shore only to strengthen the Gold tsunami wave that grows in the distance For the great Gold tsunami wave is being bolstered as the economy deteriorates, thereby necessitating a continued parabolic growth of printing of paper currencies worldwide.  Where the first little parabolic rise in Gold merely caught the attention of the public, the growing strength of that wave as it reaches shore will leave everyone running for the hills of Gold and Silver.
The Fed Shows Inflation When They Want To and Deflation When They Want To
Last week, the Fed met for a special two-day meeting that ended with a dull thud as they announced “The Twist” that sounds a bit like a dance from the 60s.  They also stated that the economy was weakening – economic weakness that has motivated them to aggressively inflate the US Dollar for 10 years, now.  Yet, market expectations were for the Fed to announce another round of Dollar Inflation via QE3 at the special 2 day meeting so the markets sold off in response to the failure of the Fed’s announcement. 
What occurred in the Precious Metals markets seems a bit absurd as Gold and Silver were pounded aggressively lower in price though the Fed often leads rounds of Dollar Inflation with suggestive hints of deflationary pressures.  To some extent it defines the need for their move, and it probably intends to show that they are in control of something that they cannot control.  The massive deflationary backdrop of debt demands that they either “inflate or die.” 
Commentators noted that the exaggerated fall in Gold, Silver, and in the PM stocks resulted from margin calls “where investors sell what they have to sell.”  Yet, the extent of the weekly fall in the DJIA was rather small compared to the 2 week fall back in early August – a time when Gold, Silver, and the PM Stocks moved higher.  A more likely cause for the fall in the PM sector lies in the Fed’s failure to announce QE3 as it pointed to economic weakness, combined with this coming Tuesday’s Gold and Silver options expiration date – a monthly bashing that generally sees Gold and Silver whacked to lower levels.  Further downside pressure on the PM sector probably stems from big trading firms reversing their “long Gold/ short PM stock ratio trade.”  The large swings in the Gold price over the last 30 days provided the volume they needed to sell paper gold, and to cover and accumulate the Gold and Silver shares.  Given the timing one has to wonder whether these large traders are the same firms who trade for the Market Stabilization Fund, and if they knew in advance that the Fed would tip its comments to deflation this week.
The Gold Chart
The following Gold Chart shows that the cyclical tendency since early 2009 has been for Gold to bottom at the green arrows with Gold correcting down to and through the dotted Bollinger Band (BB) mid-line to hit the 34 week exponential moving average while the RSI Indicator approaches the 50 line.  Gold fell to the BB mid-line on Friday as the RSI approached the 50 line.  Black rays off of the 2008 top show that Gold has been bottoming at each black line extended over the “last top.”  Gold reached that juncture on Friday.  We might see Gold weakness early next week, but we expect the basic relationship to hold.  Near this point in the 70’s Gold Chart, an imminent bottom produced a sharp rise.
1)    A major bottom for the PM stock indices is now in place as we laid out for subscribers (see HERE for subscription details) early in the week of August 8th based on the fractal relationship to 1979.
2)    Price and the technical Indicator readings for the PM Stock Indices continue to track the 1970’s with much higher prices expected in the intermediate-term. Per the 70’s PM Stock Model we expect this run to be the first, and smallest, of 3 momentum runs to come for the PM stock indices over the next few years. The mid-900s appear to be a realistic target for the HUI Index into year-end, or into early 2012.
3)    We have reached the point in the cycle where leverage returns to the PM stocks with a vengeance per the late 1970s charts.
4)    The fundamentals for Gold, Silver, and the PM Stocks could never be better.  In fact, the Fed’s announcement this week was read as “deflationary”, where in reality it screamed, “We must launch an accelerated program of Dollar Inflation, and soon!”
5)    Gold has now corrected in a very similar time sequence to the late 70’s, though the depth of the correction has been deeper over the last 2 days. Current Gold price relationships to the Bollinger Band mid-line and 34 EMA line suggest that an intermediate-term bottom is likely due this coming week.  Such a bottom would fit the 70’s model nicely.
6)    The US cannot pay its “regular bills” and interest on its debt, based on its current cash flow, much less cover other important needs that are growing astronomically.  We now depend on the Fed printing an accelerating number of Dollars.  This is what QE is – pure debt monetization that devalues the US Dollar aggressively.  For the U.S. economy, it is either “print or die.”  We expect that the Fed will print while acting like they have some choice in the matter other than a total Deflationary Depression.  This fact has been true since early last decade.
7)    The Fed generally appears to prefer to see the prices of Gold, Silver, and the Commodities correct to create overhead resistance on the charts before they announce Dollar Inflation moves.  That is probably what was intended via the announcement at their special 2-day meeting creating the exaggerated fall in the PM sector this week – coupled with the usual sharp weakness going into Gold and Silver options expiration, next Tuesday.
8)    With the big funds ending the long Gold/ short PM stock ratio trade, the PM stocks should be heavily supported after this bottom is complete.
9)    The long-term PM Stock Model from the 70’s suggests that we will be entering the “sweet spot” of a 3rd Wave advance as soon as this correction is over.
10) Our upside targets for Silver for this run into late 2011/ early 2012 of $52 to $56 should be achievable for silver, with $58 to $62 as real possibilities.
11) We still expect all of our intermediate upside price objectives for Gold to be reached by late this year, or early next.  We expect the next run in Gold to reach the $2250 level and $2500 level before a higher run takes us up to $3,000 Gold, or higher. 
12) The recent exaggerated decline in the PM sector will likely act like pulling and letting go of a huge rubber band in terms of how the PM sector will advance after this correction ends. 
13) An end of the aggressive and accelerating course of US Dollar Inflation at this time by the Fed would create a deflationary depression that would dwarf that of the 1929 era yet the Fed has gained the right from Congress to inflate to infinity if necessary.  That right is the major difference between today and 2008 when nobody could foresee the Fed moving to aggressive Dollar Inflation via debt monetization after they blew out the banking multiplier loan system of Dollar Inflation.  Debt monetization, QE, is a more permanent form of Dollar Inflation that cannot easily be reversed, thus the Dollar Devaluation via QE will be mostly permanent leaving a more permanent high price of Gold when it is all over.
14)  We believe that we lie at a “load the boat moment” in this historic Gold and Silver bull for Gold, Silver, and the PM stocks.
1.     The mid-900s appear to be a realistic target for the HUI Index into year-end, or into early 2012.
2.     $52 to $56 should be achievable for silver, with $58 to $62 as real possibilities, by late 2011/ early 2012

3.     The next run upward in Gold to the $2250 level followed by $2500 with the potential for $3,000, or a bit higher, is now on the radar screen for late this year, or early next.

Rick Perry The Pornographer

SOURCE Maybe it’s time for Ben Bernanke to actually be concerned about Rick Perry’s warnings that things are going to get ugly. Or, at least, perhaps the head of the Fed might want to ask for clarification: Is that “Big Tit Brotha Lovers 6”-ugly or “Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1”-ugly? It turns out that those are just two of the titles that have been released by Movie Gallery, at one time the largest domestic distributor of pornography in the country. Oddly enough, it turns out that Texas governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry has invested quite a pretty penny into the porn-pushers. Yes, that’s bible-thumpin’, Jesus lovin’, conservative-minded, prayer rally holdin’, Bernanke-threatenin’ Rick Perry. The same Rick Perry that had told a few hundred Republicans in June to “speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our effort to elect more conservative Republicans.” Politician, presidential candidate and . . . pornographer? A recent report reveals that Perry invested upwards of $10,000 into Movie Gallery stock, whom, while releasing a bit more family-friendly titles, also helped bring pictures like “Teend Never Say No” to a broader audience by releasing them to their rental stores. While that flick hasn’t officially made its way around the offices at RT, we are willing to bet that it might not be the best glowing example of the “abstinence only” sex-education that Perry was pushing in Texas high schools. And that’s not even the big finish. It has also been unearthed that Perry signed onto a bill as Texas governor that would protect porno companies from facing “tort suits” for putting products across state lines. That meant higher profits for porn, higher profits for Movie Gallery and, thus, higher profits for Perry. Perry’s initial investment in Movie Gallery occurred in 1995, but today there is no telling if and how much the governor has tied to the smut sellers. In 1998, Perry moved his investment to a blind trust, meaning the hard investment info is now sealed. Why would he make such a move? It may or may not have had something to do with the American Family Association asking federal investigators to probe into Movie Gallery at that time. And yes, that’s the same American Family Association that recently put together a prayer rally in The Lone Star State that featured a highly-publicized appearance by Perry himself. All of this of course lends itself to one very important question: do the actions in “Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1” oppose the anti-gay agenda perpetrated by the AMA? Actually, there are much bigger things at stake here, particularly the problematic position that Perry has put himself in barely a week after he announced his official run for the presidency. After getting a late start in the race for the GOP nomination, Perry has already made not-so-pleasant headlines for threatening Ben Bernanke over quantitative easing and questioning President Barack Obama’s love for his country. While the jury might still be out at that one, we do know at least that Perry is aware that Brothas love big tits. And there are at least six volumes of sensational, cinematic glory that can vouch for the fact.