Police State Cracks Down On Gibson Guitars

America is a country in chaos. Bankers openly buy politicians who make the laws and appoint the judges who rule whether or not they are Constitutional, so you can certainly see the pecking order of importance. Without the hundreds of billions of dollars in “campaign contributions” (see bribes) these politicians will never make it to the big leagues. So today we have an example of the federal governments boot coming down on the neck of American business. Enter Gibson Guitars, a company which is 120 years old, now faces serious charges which may result in jail time for people within the company. The crime? Well they haven’t been charged with anything, just raided multiple times, but the government (see corrupt bastards) say they imported illegal wood from overseas in violation of one of the millions of laws they have on the books. Wow, thank God the government steps in to protect us…………. This would be a prime example of utter stupidity and triviality, or may even become the definition of making a mountain out of a molehill if you didn’t consider the state of affairs in the rest of the corporate world. (Many of these examples are laid out in the documentary Inside Job) The US is run by the most corrupt, unscrupulous ruthless bastards in it’s history and as such they are complicit in the crimes committed in the corporate world against the American people. America is a country where people make hundreds of billions of dollars by creating a bubble, this time in real estate. Due to nothing but greed and made possible only through fraud this bubble is inflated to the point where it explodes. The bubble was so vast that it’s shockwaves threatened to destroy not only the people who actively created it but other more innocent parties. So what do the corrupt bastards in the government do? Let those who perpetrated this crime fail? Face prison time? Execution? Hah. These people were given TRILLIONS of dollars FROM THE VICTIMS of the crime! It is so utterly perverse and sinister that it boggles the mind. Then these same assholes have the audacity to go after a company who actually still manufacturers things in this country and threaten them with prison time?!??!! Corruption like this cannot go on forever, it just can’t. Whether the people will rise up and demand justice, or whether it collapses under it’s own filth, it will end. For more information on the matter discussed herein follow these links. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News/gibson-0825-2011/ American jobs are being FORCED overseas at gunpoint http://www.redstate.com/aglanon/2011/08/31/doj-advises-gibson-guitar-to-export-labor/ Gibson attacked for supporting the GOP http://www.thecitizen.com/node/8415