Skynews Says Kikestan Ready To Strike Iran

I typically don’t post about kikestans or the US’s threats against Iran since for most readers I think it is just a generally accepted fact that ZOG would love nothing more than to fight Iran. This story though is worth mentioning, if kikestan did indeed attack Iran the whole middle east would erupt, frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if it went nuclear. Regardless say kikestan attacks Iran, I think some other arab countries would attack kikestan to which they would be fighting a multi staged war, I could see oil exports being drastically cut resulting in extremely high prices or shortages which is enough to cripple world economies which are already heavily on life support. A very short time into this war the US would be forced to step in since kikestans military is a joke without 10’s of billions of dollars in US aid. As the US stepped in on a mass scale it may trigger attacks within the country, of course the muslims in France need little excuse to burn vehicles so that place may erupt as well. I could go on about scenarios which may unfold but I think everyone gets the idea, a war between kikestan and Iran wouldn’t be good for anyone.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is supposedly trying to persuade his Cabinet to authorise an attack on Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons programme. The news was revealed by a government official who refused to be identified. It is unclear whether Israel is genuinely poised to strike or if reports of the supposed attack are meant to make the international community take a tougher line on Iran. Israeli leaders have long hinted at a military option, but always seemed aware of the practical difficulties, the likelihood of a counterattack and the risk of throwing the region into chaos. The development unfolded as the International Atomic Energy Agency is due to focus on the Iranian programme at a meeting later this month. The West wants to set a deadline for Iran to start cooperating with the agency. There are suspicions that Tehran is secretly experimenting with components of a weapons programme. Israeli leaders have said they prefer a diplomatic solution, but recent days have seen a spate of Israeli media reports on a possible strike, accompanied by veiled threats from top politicians. Earlier this week, Mr Netanyahu said a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a dire threat to the world and a “grave, direct threat” on Israel too. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was dismissive of the reports, but added: “We are keeping all the options on the table.” But the unnamed government official insisted the option to attack Iran was now being debated at the highest level. However, he also said Israel’s top security chiefs, including the head of the Mossad spy agency, oppose military action.

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