4 Niggers Light Brainwashed White Teen Girl On Fire

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Blood samples will be drawn from four men – accused of setting alight an 18-year-old in a “satanic ritual” – to establish DNA links to traces of blood found near the public swimming pool in Linmeyer, Joburg.
Four young men allegedly poured petrol over Kirsty Theologo on a koppie behind the swimming pool before a burning match was thrown at her on Friday night, leaving her with third- and fourth-degree burns both inside and outside her body.
On Tuesday, the four men appeared briefly in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court to answer to two charges of attempted murder, and one for burn wounds that Kirsty’s 16-year-old friend, known only as Bronwyn, suffered.
Bronwyn had apparently tried to put out the flames when Kirsty got burnt.
“The accused face charges of attempted murder for now, but the charge may change to murder and attempted murder at a later stage,” said prosecutor Coleen Ryan as the four men looked on impassively.
Lindon Wagner, 21, and Robin Harwood,18, were arrested on Sunday and Lester Evan Nathaniel Moody and Jeremy King, both 18, were arrested on Monday.
All four had handed themselves over to the police.
They were not asked to plead, and magistrate Lukas van der Schyff postponed the case until next Tuesday for further investigations, warning Wagner to reconsider his decision to represent himself.
“You are facing serious charges and you have a right to appoint your own attorney or apply for legal aid. Do you want to reconsider?” asked Van der Schyff. Wagner would not budge.
All four will be detained at the Booysens police station until their next court appearance, said Ryan.
Kirsty’s family said the four young men had gone to the koppie with Kirsty and Bronwyn. The two girls, who had been attending a youth service at their church, were offered alcohol that Kirsty spat out because it had tasted strange.
Bronwyn, who is believed to have finished the alcohol, began vomiting.
One of the men allegedly started dancing while Kirsty laughed.
“Suddenly, she (Kirsty) felt wet and the dancing guy lit a match, threw it at her and said ‘laugh at this’,” said Kirsty’s mother, Sylvia Theologo.
Petrol had been thrown on
Kirsty, whose throat and lungs were badly burnt as she tried to breathe.
She is due to undergo a second operation at Chris Hani-Baragwanath Academic Hospital’s burns unit on Wednesday.
“She’s okay. She’s fighting… She’s got 50 percent burn wounds, but she’s stable,” Theologo said on Tuesday.
Kirsty’s mother said prayers and the support that the family had been receiving were keeping her strong.
“It’s hectic. I couldn’t sleep… I’m praying. I just want my baby girl to be okay. She’s such a good girl. She’s gonna come back, she’ll bounce back.
“I have people calling me from Greece, Portugal and America… The support has been really good,” said an emotional Theologo. – The Star

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