Jew Puppet Herman Cain, Liar, Insider, Sexual Harraser


Herman Cain, one of many Zionist-sponsored candidates for President, has been caught today in an obvious, bald-faced lie.

It was revealed that this affirmative-action, one-time head of the Restaurant Association was accused of sexual harassment by two different women. Their charges were so credible that the Restaurant Association settled with the women — reportedly a five-figure penalty and an agreement for the women to hush-up the scandal. When questioned about this, Herman Cain claimed he didn’t harass any women, and the rest of his statement shows an incredibly stupid and obvious case of lying by a public candidate for president. Cain claims that quote:

“If the Restaurant Association did a settlement, I wasn’t even aware of it, and I hope it wasn’t for much because nothing happened,” he explained. “So if there was a settlement, it was handled by some of the other officers that worked for me at the association.”

What a incredible, obvious lie, and frankly, what an incredibly stupid lie! He actually expects us to believe that he as head of the Restaurant Association, is accused in multiple cases of sexual abuse, and that he wasn’t even aware of the ongoing legal negotiations of the Restaurant Association (which he had headed) about the charges against him. A five figure settlement is doled out to shut the mouths of the victims, but Herman Cain tells us didn’t even know about the settlement of his sexual harassment case and the amount paid out to the victims! That is the epitome of mendacity and stupidity!
How easily conservatives have manipulated by the Zionist media that has lionized Cain as a great and inspiring man of impeccable character. I think the exposure of his sexual harassment and the exposure of his bald-faced lies yesterday will end his candidacy and the attempt of the Zionists to make Herman Cain the republican version of Obama. Conservatives don’t even know that Cain as head of Republican group appealing to Black voters, attacked me (David Duke) and used the anti-White racial epithet (cracker) in ads meant to cater to Black anti-White prejudices and get them to vote Republican. The media hasn’t informed them about Cain himself is a recipient of racially-discriminatory racial discrimination against Whites and that how he spoken glowingly about the need for affirmative action. He cloaks it by saying though that he is opposed to quotas. Quotas or requiring a specific percentage of minorites is a tiny percentage of the anti-racial discrimination of affirmative action, most of doesn’t rely on quotas, just flat out racial discriminatory policies against better-qualified Whites.

Of course, Cain’s fall is no problem for the Zionists, the Zionists that supported Cain will desert his sinking ship like rats and rush to get on board the campaign of one of the other Zionist-lapdogs. The Republican Party nominee will, baring a miracle nomination of Ron Paul, be a Zionist servant just as surely as Obama has dutifully served his Zionist masters. We are headed for one more election in our great “Democracy” where the American people have no real choice! Some Democracy! — David Duke