Why Edgar Steele Will Die In Prison

Earlier today Edgar Steele was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

I always enjoyed Edgars work, his It’s The Jews Stupid is a classic article which not only outlines the jewish problem but also explains why he will now die in prison.

What passes for a “justice system” is a joke.  Nothing but a tentacle of the beast.

I have written and posted numerous articles about Edgar and the case which are very worthwhile to read if you have ANY doubts that this man is innocent.

He is a political prisoner, possibly the highest profile in the White Nationalist movement.  Undoubtedly this whole circus is meant to send a message to the rest of us, that if you cross the line they have the power to drag your name through the mud, separate you from your family and friends, take everything you have worked a lifetime for and in the end?  You die in a cell.

But if this was meant to be a message, I for one haven’t gotten it.  I am not deterred by these terrorists (using fear to achieve their goals), not just undeterred but in fact defiantly prepared to continue spreading the Truth to anyone with ears to hear.

Most people who live in America have a short memory, I don’t.  I will not forget Edgar Steele.