Tape Found Of Gingrich Supporting Obamacare!


Newt Gingrich has spent the leadup to the state’s presidential primary casting Mitt Romney as Barack Obama’s Republican twin, telling reporters this morning that Romney’s Massachusetts healtcare reform law “is Obamacare.”

But it turns out Newt has some serious Obamacare problems of his own.
Blogger Morgen Richmond unearthed a May 2009 conference call today, that was hosted by Siemens Healthcare, in which Gingrich comes out unequivocally in support of the individual mandate, the most hotly-contested provision of Obamacare, which requires every American to buy health insurance.

“We believe…that everyone must have health-insurance,” Gingrich says. “Or if you are an absolute libertarian, we would allow you to post a bond, but we would not allow people to be free-riders, failing to insure themselves and then show up at the emergency room with no means of payment.”

Even more damning is Gingrich’s praise for Obama’s healthcare reform legislation, which he says is a “model we will be advocating.”

As Richmond notes, the audio eliminates any lingering questions about where Gingrich stands on healthcare reform. The former House Speaker’s past support for the individual mandate has been an issue during the 2012 race, but this call appears to be the most recent — and undeniable — support for Obama’s controversial law. And it obviously goes against Gingrich’s current position that the individual mandate is “unconstitutional,” which he repeats often on the campaign trail.

The clip could pose serious problems for Gingrich, who has increasingly aligned himself with the Tea Party movement during his White House bid. The Tea Party movement shot to national prominence during the heated 2009 heathcare debates, and many in the movement will likely have a problem with Gingrich’s past support for the much-loathed Democratic legislation.

The Gingrich campaign has not yet responded to Business Insider’s requests for comment.

(On another note, the existence of this conference call also underscores the weakness of Romney’s opposition research. These clips may have helped knock down Gingrich’s Romneycare attacks a long time ago.)
Clips of the conference call are posted below. You can also listen to the whole thing here.

Little Nigger Punk Gets Shot Trying To Rob A Man, Other Niggers Bitch And Moan


Friends of a teenager who police said was shot and killed on the Thun Trail in Cumru Township are speaking out. They’re upset about how he’s being treated.

They said they don’t support how Julius Johnson assaulted a man riding his bike. And they also don’t like the lashing he is taking on Facebook.

Julius Johnson’s friends said he was a sophomore at the Citadel. They used to hang out with him before and after school.

They said they know what he did was wrong, but don’t think his family and friends should be tormented.

On Facebook there is a Rest in Peace memorial page for Johnson, 16. People posted comments like: “I guess Julius won’t be thuggin’ anymore!” and “I love a happy ending. You got exactly what you deserved Julius!! Too bad your two friends aren’t with you right now.”

“It’s not a place for disrespectful things about him,” said Brandon Pauley, a freshman in the Reading School District, “It hurts us. Me and Jada started to cry when we read those things.”

Johnson’s friends, Brandon Pauley and Jada Johson said strangers are writing hurtful things about how their friend died.

Police said Wednesday Johnson, along with two other teens, knocked an older man off his bike on the Thun Trail. Police said during the fight, the man took out a gun and shot two of the teens. The DA said even though Johnson died, the shooter was justified. His friends said they wish it didn’t happen.

“We understand that what he did might be messed up,” said Jada Johnson, “There’s no excuse for it, but there’s also no excuse for these negative comments. It’s not fair to him.”

Brandon and Jada said the Julius they knew was different.

“He’s never been the kind of person to harm anyone that we have seen before so this is very surprising to us,” said Pauley, “He is a human being and his death shouldn’t be an excuse to anybody to call him names or make fun of him.”

They don’t justify his actions, but want people to respect Julius’ friends and family.

“If you don’t have anything positive or respectful to say about him that’s fine stay off the memorial page then,” said Pauley.

Julius Johnson’s parents said they want to apologize for their son’s actions to the man involved. They said Julius was not an angel, but he was their son and they love him.

I don’t have facebook, so I can’t see for sure, but I am told this is the link.


The Truth About The Tuskegee Airmen


From: Bob Powell

Date: July 3, 2008

This letter was not written for publication, but to enlighten you and your staff about some of the errors and misleading information you continue to publish, Perhaps it should be published to set your readers straight.

As a WWII Historian and former 8th AF fighter pilot flying 87 missions over Europe during WWII, I am dedicated to factual reporting about the air war in Europe and aviation in general, and I take issue with the media (and not with just AJC) continuing to publish untrue and/or misleading statements about the Tuskegee Airmen (T/A). Although I have great respect for the pilots and achievements of this WWII Fighter Group, I do not appreciate the continuing repetition of myths and untruths about their military record, the latest example in the obit on Lt. Col Charles Dryden in today’s paper, repeating the same errors which appeared in his obit story a few days ago.

For more than 60 years the myth that they “never lost a bomber they were escorting to an enemy fighter,” was their primary claim to fame!

Then, several months ago, their historian , William E. Holten, announced that his research proved that this was not true, that they had, indeed, lost some 25 bombers to enemy fighters. This myth still gets published occasionally, but far less frequently since he made this disclosure, thank goodness. Lies told often enough tend to become truths in the minds of many. However, it now seems to have been replaced by another false claim, i.e. that the Tuskegee Airmen flew more than 15,000 combat missions. ALSO NOT TRUE!

Their own official records indicate that the T/A only flew 311 missions. Their so-called 15,000 “missions” were actually 15,000 ”sorties.” Apparently, none of your reporters know the difference between a “mission” and a “sortie,” so let me define these for you and them. Combat Mission is an assigned flight to accomplish a military objective. This can be flown by one pilot or a squadron or group of pilots flying together. It is recorded as one mission. Combat Sortie. When, for example, 48 or 64 pilots fly together on a combat mission it is recorded as 48 or 64 combat sorties.

The T/A did not fly 15,000+ combat missions, as stated in your articles about the demise of Col. Charles Dryden. They flew 15,000+ “sorties.” To have flown that many “missions” during the time they were in combat in the MTO, they would have had to fly about 25 missions a day every day they were in combat. Do the math. That’s one mission every hour, every day they were in combat. Impossible! Weather alone would have prevented this, not to mention the problem of keeping all of their aircraft flyable every day over that period of time.

FACT: Their official records indicate they flew only 311 missions, a far cry from 15,000 claimed. Please advise your reporters of the difference between a mission and a sortie so that another T/A myth is not appearing in every mention this Fighter group.

The Dryden story also stated that the 99th Squadron of the T/A was “the most successful squadron in American history.” NOT SO! It would be more correct to say they have been the most publicized squadron in American history, however, thanks to a fully-paid public relations staff in Washington, D.C., the only such office of any military unit other than the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

Although I do not have complete combat statistics on all the fighter groups flying out of Africa and Italy (the MTO), I do have the stats on all of the 16 fighter groups flying in the Eighth Air Force over western Europe. And, when these records are compared, the Tuskegee Airmen rank at the bottom of the list despite the fact that they had four squadrons to only three for the 8th AF groups. FYI, and one of the reasons the T/A exploit their 15,000+ sorties (which they call missions) is that on a normal mission they would put up 64 fighters compared to only 48 for the 8th AF groups . And, since they did mostly ground support missions rather than bomber escort missions, the average length of their missions was about half that of the time in the air flown by the 8th AF fighters. Regarding the above mentioned stats, I would be delighted to provide these for your information if requested.

Another gross error in your first story on Colonel Dryden is that the implication that he was, individually, awarded the Congressional Gold Medal recently. ALSO NOT TRUE. Through the efforts of the New York Senator, this medal was awarded to the Tuskegee Airmen, authorizing all Tuskegee Airman to receive this award. It was not awarded for individual achievements, as implied, but for the role played by the T/A in breaking the color ban for pilots, a civil rights accomplishment, not for their military achievements.

Had this award been given for their military achievements alone, it should also have been awarded to each and every other fighter group in WWII whose records exceeded those of the Tuskegee Airmen. In my opinion, this was a “political award” instead of a military award.

No other bomber or fighter units have been awarded this Medal, only Unit Citations. These are facts. Check them out, and here’s to more factual reporting and a better AJC.

Most sincerely,

Robert H. Powell, Jr.


352nd Fighter Group

1545 Rainier Falls Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30329

White America’s Team: The New England Patriots

What do you call a team led by a quarterback selected with the 199th pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft; a wide receiver that only one college offered a scholarship (God Bless Mike Leach) to out of high school and that was not drafted by any of the 32 NFL teams upon a record-setting collegiate career; a running back who was the Division II player of the year for two straight seasons, but was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine and (of course) wasn’t drafted; a tight-end who enjoys taking pictures with prominent adult entertainment stars when he isn’t out-running defensive backs; and a former college quarterback who now plays both receiver and corner back, in between being a special teams demon.

You call them America’s team. White America’s team You call them Patriots. Nothing more, nothing less. Just as the 1980s Boston Celtics were an NBA franchise paced by outstanding white athletes, the dynasty that the New England Patriots have started in the NFL has largely been built on the shoulders of white athletes that other NFL teams weren’t interested in signing.

Tom Brady, a quarterback who recently said, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made,” is the signal-caller for a franchise that millions of fans across the nation openly root for, noticing that the Patriots have a record-breaking offense that doesn’t look anything like that of the other 31 NFL teams (well, save the Indianapolis Colts who under Peyton Manning also tend to start a fair number of melanin-deficient athletes): The New England Patriots are America’s team, and the white athletes who were overlooked by all of the other franchises represent what the NFL could look like (just as Tim Tebow showed you the type of character all of the athletes could have, the type of real role-models sports could provide).

Wes Welker, the record-setting white receiver from Texas Tech who went undrafted only to find sanctuary in the New England after showing glimpses of super-star ability on the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins. White men can run, and Wes Welker is one of the primary individuals responsible for proving this in an era when they are constantly told they can’t.