West Michigan Pastor Supports His Brother Ron Paul For President

Georgetown Township, MI (WZZM) – West Michigan minister, Rev. David Paul, says he still isn’t accustomed to seeing his brother, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, on TV or his picture in the paper.

“It’s pretty exciting to pick up a newspaper and see your bother on the front page,” he says, pointing to a photo in “USA Today”.

Rev. Paul is Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s older brother.

“I’m proud of him,” says Rev. Paul. “Of what he’s done, his beliefs and the fact he can be trusted.”

After 30 years at a church near Detroit, Reverend Paul retired and his family moved to west Michigan.

He says he doesn’t try to influence his brother’s position on the issues.

“I don’t interfere with his politics and he doesn’t interfere with my preaching,” he laughs.

Rev. Paul says he and his brother agree on most things, anyway.

He is happy to see polls that show increasing numbers of potential voters in Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus also support Ron Paul’s positions.

“The polls have said he has a big following,” he says. “I follow what people have to say. I feel pretty good about his chances.”

Congressman Paul is for smaller government, lower taxes and non-intervention in the affairs of foreign nations. He opposed the war in Iraq. He has a medical degree and is against abortion.

“He hasn’t changed his views in 30 years,” says his brother.

Rev. Paul thinks his brother would be a good President.

“Because he is so honest. He’s down to earth and you can trust him. I’m not so sure he wants the job , but I think he wants to go as far as he can with the message he has. Less government, more freedom and liberty.”

There are five Paul brothers. They grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. Ron is the middle child, which makes Reverend Paul laugh. He says everyone always says the middle child never amounts to much.

“I support just about everything Ron stands for,” he says.

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