Chinese Pharma Companies Accused of Selling Pills Made from ‘Dead Babies’


As disturbing and outlandish as it may sound, a South Korean SBS TV documentary has accused Chinese pharmaceutical companies to be selling “stamina pills” that contain ground up dead babies. The report claims that certain hospitals and abortion clinics sell baby corpses to the companies, who then use their bodies to grind up for their stamina pill ingredients. The team ran a DNA test on the pill, and found that the pills were 99.7 percent human.

The IB Times reports:

The Korean team acquired the dead baby capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated the pills were 99.7 percent human. The test also found hair and nail remnants, and even the gender of the baby could be identified. The process will be aired with visuals in the SBS TV documentary on Aug. 6, 2011 in South Korea.

SBS further reveals that there has been a business network established between China and South Korea for a while, to fulfill the baby capsule demand in South Korean market.

Besides the dead baby pills, microwave dried placenta is another popular business in China, which hospital staff are allegedly openly involved with.

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