I realize that people claim vote fraud at every turn, some don’t trust electronic voting, others don’t trust paper ballots. I do not doubt that voter fraud goes on, but this instance is on a mass scale and very very blatant. I have already posted several stories (here, here and here) and this further cements my position.

Action must be taken, this is not acceptable and if it is accepted than all of our other work is for naught. We can read, write and inform others about the issues of liberty, but if voting is rigged than absolutely no “non violent revolution” can ever take place.

Like JFK said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolutions inevitable” remember these words.

This is the link to the most recent story Ron Paul’s Last Stand

The key paragraphs are posted here.

“We have more IDs than Romney had votes in ’08,” said Paul’s state chairman, Carl Bunce, meaning identified supporters who have committed to attend Saturday’s caucuses across the state. He wouldn’t give a precise number, but Romney’s 2008 vote total in his big Nevada win was 22,649.”

“The town clerk, she said, has reported being stunned by the number of former Democrats and independents the Paulites have gotten to register as Republicans in order to caucus for Paul. The volunteers have netted 800 new registrations, according to Bunce.

It is absolutely crucial to note that Ron Paul got 6089 votes in 2008 and 6175 in 2012. Let this sink in. In the first 4 states of 2012 Ron Paul got anywhere from 2 to 5 times as many votes as he did in 2008 and you mean to tell me that all the hard work that the Paul supporters did in Nevada only netted 86 votes in an entire state? Give me a break, this is voter fraud of the highest degree. I demand a recount, and possibly a revote, whatever is necessary.

Do not just sit on this information! Demand justice! Explain this to everyone that you know.

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