Youtube Rumored To Have Secret Jewish Censorship Unit

Whether or not this email has any validity, it is a fact that youtube censors non politically correct videos and I have been temp banned and had multiple videos removed.


YouTube, one more commercial arm of International Jewry, faced with a growing though still marginal revolt across Europe and the US against the genocide of the white race through mass third world immigration into white nations and cultural Marxism, have recently formed, on the advice of the ADL, what is known to insiders as Unit 13 to take extra-disciplinary action against account holders deemed to be a threat to the Jews version of history according to an email from a disgruntled former member of staff.

The email which is circulating in California says “If you’re not Jewish dont bother to work for YouTube unless you want to become a slave of the Jewish bosses and a traitor to your own people.”

The email claims that the ADL and it’s associates within YouTube fear that revisionist history about Adolf Hitler, the second world war and the exposing of the holohoax may reach a critical mass, and as these are historically backed facts and so do not infringe the guidelines to which the channel owners have signed up to, it was deceided to set up Unit 13 at Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA to act in the dark against enemies. According to the email it is has permission to by-pass all YT codes, privacy agreements and guidelines and take any action both on YouTube and outside in conjuction with other agencies it may deem necessary to “dampen a threat.”

“When YouTube started” reads the email “they were pretty confident that the huge mass of work provided by major Jewish outlets like the History Channel, the BBC and others who historically specialize in anti-Hitler, anti-German propaganda would totally squash any threat to the defamed reputation that Jews have created for Adolf Hitler since before the war. But history is catching up with them and there is real fear at the heart of even the ADL that the cat is getting out of the bag and Nationalism might replace Libertarianism in sections of young white America after the bitterness and despair caused by the assasination by the controlled Jewsmedia of Ron Pauls chances in the 2012 presidential elections. But they made the astonishing mistake of locating the unit within the main HQ where it was discovered through a little research by myself and others suspicious of our employers intentions. The whole thing maybe sounds paronoid but imo the new world order Zionists are becoming more paronoid by the day.”

“Channels which do contain politically-incorrect material but are deemed not to be a threat are happily given parternerships as they provide an ‘anti’ front which YouTube can parade as freedom of speech. Being granted a partnership from YouTube is an affirmation which will increasingly be seen as the kiss of death to a users credability”

The email claims that the unit acts without informing the channel holder and takes such actions as:

A) Locking a user to a suspended or banned channel so that they cannot sign out to access another or create a new one and if one channel banned will remain permanently locked on YouTube to a dead channel and so can never open a new account from their PC or laptop IP.

B) Without informing the user disables the ability of an account holder to send messages permanently. Though the user may still be able to answer messages.

C) Without informing the user suspend their ability to upload videos longer than fifteen minutes.

D) If they do not like the content of a channel which is exposing too much about the second world war or Jewish anti-white activity, they file a complaint (flag) against one video themselves and then ban or suspend the whole channel even through it has not had three infringements.

E) Build up a database of suspects and work closely with Homeland Security, CIA, ADL and Google, facebook and other linked operations to monitor activity of users.

F) Prevent channels from receiving any contact notifications except from commercial ones tied to partnership channels. “People who received contact notifications from like-minded political users will no longer receive them. They also plan to prevent such users suscribing to other blacklisted channels by removing access to the ‘suscribe’ button, but in some cases to prompt them to do so if they want to be able to claim a ‘network’ in the courts if they want to file charges against a whole group of people in a more tyrannical future planned by the Zionists.

G) Permanantly disable a users ability to make comments on videos or ‘like’ videos.

Thus the enemies of Zionism will be quietly got rid of outside YTs own guidelines while at the same time maintaining the illusion that they are the be all and end all of Jewtubes internal Jewdiciary.

If you have recently observed any strange activity on your YouTube channel please post it as a comment and it will be included in this article.

The email says that there are many thousands of political videos which youTube hates having on its books. “YouTube is constantly under presure from Zionist orgs to “tidy up their act” and not give the opportunities away that Jewish publishers and booksellers have managed to prevent since they practically took over the publishing and bookselling industry after the second world war, and even the control of public and school libraries in some countries decades ago.”