Final Delegate Vote Count at Convention

Through all 56 states and territories:

Mitt Romney – 2061
Ron Paul – 190
Abstain – 23
Rick Santorum – 9
Buddy Roemer – 1
Jon Huntsman – 1
Michelle Bachmann – 1


The following states cast at least 1 vote for Ron Paul:

Alaska (9)
Arizona (3)
Georgia (3)
Hawaii (3)
Iowa (22)
Louisiana (12)
Maine (10)
Michigan (4)
Minnesota (33)
Missouri (4)
Nevada (17)
New Hampshire (3)
North Carolina (7)
North Dakota (5)
Oklahoma (6)
Oregon (4)
Pennsylvania (5)
Rhode Island (4)
South Carolina (1)
Texas (20)
Vermont (4)
Virginia (3)
Virgin Islands (1)
Washington (5)
Wisconsin (1)
Wyoming (1)

I would like to point out several things. If you have followed the campaign you know of the corruption in Maine, Nevada, Iowa and a slew of other important states, these dirty tricks not only went on during the caucus but also with the delegate selection. I have no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul’s delegate totals would be close to double if the GOP hadn’t interfered.

Second I would like to show how much of an impact the “front runners” ultimately had at the convention. There were weeks at a time when, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, pRick Santorum and Rick Perry were in the limelight and everyone on every corner of the MSM was telling us that this would be the next POTUS. Well guess what? All of these pricks together got 10 delegates. Let me repeat that, 10. Now how many did that person who was slandered the entire campaign, the person who had no chance in hell why not just quit, get? 190.

That means all of these assholes got 5.2% of what Ron Paul did, stated differently he got 1900% more delegates than all of the other “front runners” combined.  Let the media report on that……..