Glenn Beck Attacks Ron Paul Supporters

Well it’s been a long time since I have had an article with the good shabbas goy Glenn Beck in it.

So let me get this straight, in 08 Beck says RP supporters are “terrorists” sometime around 2010 he says RP is the wisest man ever, now in 2012 he says that RP supporters need to give it up and rally behind the pro abortion, pro war, pro tax, pro universal healthcare Romney. And you think Glenn Beck really has core convictions?

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Today, Glenn Beck on his radio show called on Ron Paul supporters to stop supporting Ron Paul, he is not running. Prior to that statement, Beck also stated that he’s an Independent and not a Republican or a Democrat and discussed the polls numbers between Romney and Obama with his co-host, Pat Gray.

Beck’s comments came toward the end of the show when Beck stated his views about the Ron Paul supporters and said, “Ron Paul people, I have had it up to here.”

“Romney called the Fed and begged them not to do this. Romney is not an “abolish” the Fed guy but at least he’s a “Let’s not burn the country down guy”,” Glenn said.

Glenn went on to say, “You guys are so delusional you’re going to lead to the Arab Spring. What is wrong with you people? Ron Paul is not running. He’s not running.”

“Please by all that is holy, don’t split that vote,” Pat said in reference to libertarians who want to vote for Gary Johnson.

“If you think he can win God bless you then vote for him. If you’re trying to make some point you’re out of your mind,” Glenn added.

On Obama if he is reelected, Beck stated, “Obama’s going to be worse than he was in the first four years. What do you think when he says I’m going to get a little more latitude when I’m elected the second time? What do you think he’s going to do?”

The full broadcast segment can be seen here.