Fat News Anchor Stands Up To A Bully

In this video this clearly obese news anchor valiantly stands up against a “bully” who pointed out that it is irresponsible for her to be a public figure given the fact that she is obese and obesity is unhealthy.

Many fat people have fallen over themselves with praise for this perceived heroine who has the backbone to stand up for her fatness. But I think the person who wrote the letter had it right.

I’m not advocating that all TV anchors need to be 100lb marathon runners, but obesity is an epidemic, especially in this country and parading this women on TV as a role model is irresponsible on the part of CBS. Near the end of the video she talks about standing up to bullies who bully you on skin color or sexual orientation, but last time I checked obesity is a choice and comes down to simple math, eat less, move more. It’s startlingly simple, yet now because this woman lacks the willpower to control her portions she gets some kind of immunity from criticism?

This tolerance bullshit is going to the extreme, and guess what?  Bullies are necessary. When kids grow up with their parents, they think they can do no wrong because their parents treat them as though they are the most special person on the planet. I am not saying that is wrong, but it doesn’t give the kids an accurate assessment of themselves. Only when a bully says “hey you shithead you are loud and annoying and nobody likes you” does the kid do some self assessment and in the old days would say “hey, maybe I need to tone it down, perhaps I am annoying and the only one with the balls to tell me is this bully” Now though the kid would tell the teacher the bully would probably be executed and the kid continues on thinking he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the “just tell the government and they will save you from all your problems” idea is reinforced in his impressionable brain.

I’m going way off topic from this fat lady in the video, but suffice to say it is not OK to be obese, it isn’t cool, and if you are fat you should want to lose weight. Society shouldn’t change to accommodate you because you can’t stop eating.