New Host, New Format, New Forum

As I alluded to a few posts ago, major changes have been made at Truth In Our Time. One being, I am out from under the yoke of jewgle and no longer censored. I am extremely excited about this because I always felt like they could just kill the blog and I would be caught out. Now I have my own private host which is a major step forward.

Secondly I am now at wordpress and no longer at blogger, wordpress software is free and open source which I am a big proponent of and the features are much more customizable and expandable so with time I will be able to make this site much better than ever before.

Third we now have a vbulletin forum this is something I have wanted to do for many years and for various reasons just kept putting off. I cut my teeth on internet forums and I think they can be an invaluable source of knowledge as well as a good sense of community among like minded people. Starting a forum is extremely difficult because at first there is just so little content, but with patience and time this is overcome. It won’t be easy and maybe even impossible but I would love for this forum to one day be a enjoyable place to share information.

I am very new to all 3 of these things and am still learning so it will take days, weeks and months to continually add new features and work out the kinks. I appreciate your readership and patience.

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