The Cha Cha Slide

Slide to the left…….

It was really after posting this article on the forum that I was reminded of all the times we have compromised our morals and integrity over the years.  This wasn’t a revelation for me, I’ve seen it happen repeatedly and most notably in 08 with McAmnesty and 12 with the governor of Taxachusetts.  Now we are faced with a GOP who at least outwardly for years has been against amnesty for illegal aliens, suddenly turning and the major movers in the party endorsing such a plan.

Outwardly the reason being that without mestizos the GOP can’t win at the national level, which is true.  Demographically we are too far gone to ever have any sort of conservative America first president.  My opinion of politics of course is that there is so much collusion between the two parties that it is all more of a grand show than anything, but regardless their reasoning if you boil it down is nothing more than compromise.

I hate compromise.  Compromise got us here.  You cannot compromise with marxists which is what we’ve been facing in the country for 100 years.  The GOP seems to think if they support amnesty than every mestizo will suddenly jump on the bandwagon and we will have a landslide republican victory every 4 years since the browns are the exploding demographic.  They need to think again, we live in a country where 50% of people have no skin in the game, they don’t care how high taxes are, public employee salaries are etc.  They don’t pay them, why should they care?  People can beat around the bushes all day long but in reality it is all about who will give me the most stuff.  It is a marxists wet dream to hand every non White 40 acres and a mule stolen from the White man, the man whose ancestors forged this nation out of sweat and blood.  So the GOP is delusional to think they can outspend them on “entitlements”

What I see, and it sickens me, is a continuation and an advance in speed of the marxist takeover of this country.  That, as sobering as it is, isn’t even the worst part to me.  The worst part to me is that we as a nation are a country of compromises.  We and our ancestors before us were far too damn quick to cha cha slide to the left, and now look where we are.  We have been pushed so far left our country is over the cliff, as I have said for several years, barring a White baby boom we are demographically toast in this country.  So I say dig in your heels, no more capitulation on anything.  If something is right and good for OUR people we will fight for it no matter the price, because the price of compromise is always far higher.

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