The Dumbest Ron Paul Supporter I Have Ever Met

@jonflombee  , a proclaimed Ron Paul supporter was offended by a picture I had uploaded to twitter 4 months ago, so the conversation starts there. I am unable to find a complete frame with all of our debates because as he said he blocked me and I can’t pull this information up on my page, I have to sign out and go to his but suffice to say you get the idea of the size of buffoon I was dealing with.  The following is not necessarily in order but you get the gist.

At the beginning I figured I’d throw in a free plug for the forum but it didn’t take long for this guy to really lose the plot.  I  wish I had the entire conversation in order because this guy looked like a jackass.

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It is sad to watch peoples brains shut down, they don’t want to debate when you challenge them with facts they prefer cherished delusions.  Of course if @jonflombee wishes to debate me on the subject of race I am always willing.