28% Of Schoolgirls In South Africa Have AIDS


As many as 28 percent of South African schoolgirls are HIV positive, according to figures from the country’s health minister reported by local media on Thursday.

Unveiling statistics that minister Aaron Motsoaledi admitted “destroyed my soul,” he added that four percent of schoolboys have the virus.

“It is clear that it is not young boys who are sleeping with these girls. It is old men,” the Sowetan newspaper quoted Motsoaledi as saying.

“We can no longer live like that,” he said.

Motsoaledi called for an end to the trend of young girls becoming involved with “sugar daddies.”

Motsoaledi also revealed that 94,000 South African schoolgirls fell pregnant in 2011, some aged as young as 10.

South Africa has one of the world’s highest HIV/AIDS infection rates, although the number of cases resulting in death is in sharp decline.

Official figures show that South Africa has six million people living with HIV, in a population of 50 million.

The country has the largest anti-retroviral programme in the world, serving 1.7 million.

The health department recently introduced measures to curb the spread of HIV among school children, introducing voluntary testing and suggesting condom distribution at schools.

2 thoughts on “28% Of Schoolgirls In South Africa Have AIDS

  1. Dr Albert Schweitzer, who spent most of his life in Africa, “uplifting” Negroes, received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1952. He held several doctorate degrees. Shortly before his death, he said: “I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men that have lived here must learn and know; that these individuals are a sub-race; they have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or share in any of the functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try and bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status; white, the superior, and they the inferior, for whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equal, they will either destroy him or devour him, and they will destroy all his work; and so for any existing relationship or for any benefit to this people let white men from anywhere in the world who would come to help Africa remember that you must continually retain the status; you the master, and they inferior, like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals, never accept them as your social equals; or they will devour you; they will destroy you.”

  2. I personally believe AIDS is God’s way of punishing those that use no protection, are promiscuous, use others needles and screw in each others butts. I’ve read about African Blacks refusing to use condoms and think that is the worldwide norm for the Black race. I know here in the states it’s, “smaller number of kids, smaller welfare checks”.

    I also know that Africa is like a “Black Hole”. It sucks charity from the world but there never seems to be anything coming back. With all the corruption, fighting, and absolute lawlessness that has existed for as long as I can remember, very little of anything given to that country gets to the common people. Personally, not a dime of mine will go to Africa. As I said earlier, I support enough African Americans right here in the USA on the welfare rolls.

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