A World Without…..

Often at public events we’re instructed to clap and show our undying gratitude for the “public servants” in the audience.  You know the ones, the police, firefighters and military men who according to the general vibe of the crowd keep the Earth in orbit and the stars from crashing into the planet.

Such displays make me sick.

We are taught since birth that these are the most important careers on the planet.  A world without firefighters and police?  How would we ever survive?  Let alone the military….

I am not cold hearted though, nor selfish.  There are occupations which I respect and admire.  Just not those.  Ask yourself why we need to constantly reverence the “public servants” but never in my life have I heard someone give credit and thank the long haul trucker, who delivered the materials to build the stage, the clothes on everyones backs and the food in their stomach.  I’ve never called the police or the fire department, but every single day my life is made easier by a truck driver.

How about a farmer or rancher?  I’ve never heard them praised in a public forum.  Why not?  The work is simply immense, the pay is often erratic and poor and the benefits we all enjoy from these two occupations are so obvious they need not be mentioned here.

I’ve never heard a public speaker praise the mechanic who’s fixed everyones car at one point and enabled them to even attend the event, who keeps up the vehicles for the police, fire department and military.  Without the mechanic, truck driver and farmer none of these other “public servants” can even exist.

I could go on about the worker who makes our daily lives possible but I think you get the point.  These jobs of mechanic, farmer, truck driver etc have existed in some form for thousands of years.  It is through sweat and hard ass work that any civilization advances and their posterity lives an easier life.  It is through this same work that the “public servants” can even exist at all even though they’re a relatively recent phenomenon .

So I tip my hat to the worker, the one who has built and continues to build civilizations, whose taxes pay the “public servants” salaries.  Not the “public servants” who make on average 2X the amount of the private worker and contributes absolutely nothing of value to our society.

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  1. Why do people applaude you ask, the reason is a simple but hardly overseen. The police, firefighters and military all put their life on the line everyday.

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