What Is The Wikileaks “Thermonuclear” File?

I was reading this thread over at the forums and thinking about what fate would befall Edward Snowden. The CIA is pretty much an open book compared to the NSA and I doubt they enjoy this attention. Apparently Snowden has more files to be released and is playing it safe in Hong Kong currently.  We shall see how this game unfolds.  The most well known leaker of information, Julian Assange is still stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy in Britian, not much of a life at all. So it would appear as though the US is content to play the waiting game with Assange.

Which brings me to the topic. I remember hearing several years ago when the neo cons were calling for Assanges head that wikileaks had a “thermonuclear file” which they would release if Assange was killed or captured.   Some people are quick to write off wikileaks as controlled opposition but they usually downplay the major leaks over the years like “collateral murder” and “climategate” the latter literally destroyed the entire narrative of global warming.   They still play the “climate change” game regularly but before climategate it was a full campaign to mold opinion, it was clearly a key part of their plan for world government.  So the “thermonuclear” file must be something far more devastating than that.

The only thing I can assume is that it contains proof that mossad did 9/11 (as evidenced by the great documentary 9/11 Missing Links).  Imagine if that information was leaked.  I don’t even know if I can imagine it because so much of current reality hinges on 9/11 being carried out by muslims with box cutters.

The ramifications would certainly shake up the world to say the least.  Why are we fighting arabs and giving aid to jews if jews and not arabs did 9/11?  Might Americans wake up to the jewish question when they realize that the media, the SCOTUS and congress are all run by jews and their lackeys and they lied to them?  They lied and Americas sons died in the desert for nothing.  How would that thought go over?

If the jews lied about 9/11 what else might they be lying about?  The holocau$t?  It’s all up for grabs and you bet your ass Mein Kampf would be flying off the shelves as peoples entire reality suddenly changes and drastically.  I could even foresee pogroms.

So suffice to say that would indeed by a thermonuclear leak, I can’t really think of one bigger than that.

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