Snowden, The NSA and The Media

I’ve always been skeptical of things I read but probably never more than I am today after years of reading 10’s of thousands of articles and trying to keep my ear to the ground and watch events unfold around the world.

So I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical of Edward Snowden.  If he is legit than he may be one of the biggest heroes of this century.  I don’t know,  and like many things I may never know for sure.  I can only hope that more and more details unfold so that even if you can’t know for sure you can draw accurate conclusions based on what you do know as fact.

This entire NSA leak seems to be the biggest story around, although to be fair it’s hard for me to accurately gauge that because I don’t listen to the radio or have cable, but from what I can see even from mainstream sources it’s pretty big as well it should be.  But why now?  I posted in early 2008 about ECHELON stating

” monitors every cell phone call, fax, email, Instant Message, land line call, radio, satellite transmission, and short wave radio transmission on the planet. Proof that this whole domestic spying thing is nothing new.”

So if this was blatantly obvious to me more than 5 years ago, when I was much less well informed how was this not a story?  In the now defunct link in that post it was from a history channel show about Echelon so it wasn’t as though people hadn’t heard about the NSA and their capabilities.   This story was decades old in 2008 even so why now 5 years later is it so startling for people?  I’m genuinely curious why now?  Why are people who meticulously publicly document their entire lives on facebook and twitter upset that the government has a backdoor to the servers?

Someone on the forum ( mentioned that perhaps Barack’s handlers are upset with him for not invading Iran and Syria so they roll out scandal after scandal until he caves into them.  I think this is at least plausible and makes as much sense as anything else I could come up with.

I can’t see the very secretive very quiet NSA enjoying the spotlight though.  Unless of course like any Czarist Russia the bolsheviks aim to completely unsettle the current order and implement their own.  I think this is a possibility to since when people are in chaos for any length of time they will seek order even if the order isn’t of an ideal nature.  I hold no illusion that any branch of the government gives a damn about the Constitution but it is nonetheless a thorn in their side.   The only reason we don’t have holocaust denial laws or people brought up on charges of racist speech is the 1st amendment and the sole reason we have any firearms is the 2nd amendment.  Yes they’re both in tatters and incrementally destroyed year after year but perhaps we’re in the final stages where they will move from incrementalism to much faster advancement.   That is a topic for another post  hopefully another day.

Until then, stay vigilant.  Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face but remember that things aren’t always how they seem.  If the NYT is running with a story rest assured they have their own motives.

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