GOA Posts Picture Of Mandela, Supporters Revolt

For a short background of why this is such a huge issue, lookup “mandela necklacing” this is the favorite act of the ANC wherein they would murder White South Africans by placing a tire around the torso and filling it with fuel and lighting it on fire, it might take 30 minutes for the person to die in this way, it’s sickening and the people that carried it out should be executed, not promoted like the GOA is doing.

The Gun Owners of America recently uploaded this picture to their facebook page.


This is the response they received from their fans on facebook, overwhelming outrage.

(click for full size)

Gun Owners of America - Springfield, VA - Non-Profit Organization - Photos_Facebook_20130708-224348



I urge everyone to call GOA and tell them what you think about them supporting a racist communist terrorist on their facebook page.

Phone # 703 321 8585

or visit


Tell them you heard about this outrage at Truth In Our Time!




This is a direct quote taken from the GOA blog

Now, this one with Mandela got a lot of negative buzz.  Apparently some people have clung to his criminal past and as such invalidate his later achievements.  I heard some really abhorrent things from people who painted Mandela as a monster who hates white people and wants to exterminate them.  To that, I just have to say that when Nelson Mandela was elected President he had the power to wipe out white South Africans from the country, either by genocide or by economically seizing everything from them.  There were many black South Africans who wanted him to do just that.  Mandela chose to bring the country together, learning from his criminal past that violence and retribution is not the way.


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