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I’ve heard quite a bit in the news recently about “happy slapping” or niggers ambushing victims from behind knocking them out. I’ve covered this since at least 2010 so I was sort of perplexed why literally these past few weeks I started to hear regular stories about “knockout games”. Then I read this article and it all made perfect sense, now I see why it’s news.

Do Whites Actually Commit Crime?

I saw this on and it really serves to put a face on it. As we all know blacks are roughly 13% of the population and 60% of the crime, which according to the statistics pretty much leaves Whitey left to do the other 40% since the justice department (lol) doesn’t differentiate between White or Hispanic, they’re all “White” of course.

Can’t have those damn racist statistics destroying the multi cultural utopia they’ve created……

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Rand Paul Meets Seperately With Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch

Now all you need to do is click the “Rand Paul” tag at the bottom of this post and look back to when I first called this man out several years ago, to realize that I was 100% spot on.  NOBODY else was writing about this.  Sure there may have been people who poo poo’d Rand off hand but I was the one who dredged up his old campaign videos and uploaded them to youtube and showed his hypocrisy.  Since that time he has shown time and time again where he stands, and as I’ve written before he has crossed lines you do not come back from.

The latest shenanigans is as the headline says, apparently he met with the chief orchestrators of “conservative” news, who in reality are the biggest promoters of death and misinformation around.  Here’s the brief story



SourceWikipedia: A source is the start, beginning, or origin of something.

With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies?

This really ties in with these two posts currently on the front page



We “saved” them from Saddam what do they possibly have to complain about? That’s the attitude even today of many people I come in contact with. Clearly they’re so far removed from the reality of the situation there it’s sad.

The following is an RT promo for an upcoming documentary about present day Iraq

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Just In Time For Our 6th Birthday ;)

That’s right, next Wednesday November 16th marks the 6th birthday of and roughly the 1st birthday of the forum.

So I felt like with birthday season the time was right to spruce things up a bit. I’ve had some technical issues throughout the year, both here at the website as well as the forum which has left it in a state of function of form. Truth be told I haven’t been pleased how it has looked in some time but having to prioritize my time that was just the way things go. So suffice to say I changed the theme and added a background, I think it’s a nice touch and a little more polished than the previous theme.

From the get go I’ve tried to constantly improve the layout visually as well as to make the site more intuitive and easy to use and while the pace of improvements is far from steady, certainly the trend is in that direction.

It will certainly come as no shock but 2013 has been by far the slowest year for me here at the wordpress blog. Due to a variety of factors one being my primary focus is the forum, I think in many ways that’s the future. It is much more naturally engaging, easier for others to post pictures and videos and have their own dialogue and reach a wider audience. Ideally I would like to post all of the reposted stuff into the forum and have the blog as original content only, but that’s down the road. Between technical issues and putting much effort into promoting the forum it has left little time for me online to write as I would like to here. Couple that with 2013 also probably being the year that I’ve spent less time online than any in the last 5 and you have a slow moving blog.

So stay tuned for hopefully more original content and if you haven’t already swing by the forum ( it’s something I’m very proud of, already after 1 year it’s a tremendous resource and a truly great group of people there I certainly couldn’t have done it without the members there.