Stop Helping The Police State

Before starting this post I had half a mind to title it “What You Can Do Part 3″ but decided against it even though this is a very important step which if it gained traction would bring about change.

This has to do with google’s “recaptcha” which under the guise of reducing spam (which is debatable) is now unequivocally helping the police state clamp down on you and your neighbors. recaptcha has always helped ZOG, either translating books for the google or digitizing past issues of the NYT it has never served the public good but used slave labor to get things done. Helping translate books or articles for ZOG is bad enough, certainly on principle it’s bad but ultimately this has never excited me enough to do a post about it. Since 2012 though google has been using it to decypher street view addresses. Perhaps their computers that they use can’t quite make out the numbers and why spend the money to have them decyphered when people will do it for free?

This is a big deal, it’s orwellian, you’re literally accurately reporting to ZOG your neighbors address and most people never stop to think about it. If they FBI called you and said “hey we’d like to confirm your neighbors address is 555 12th Avenue” you would likely tell them to shove it and do their own homework and that being involved in your neighbors business isn’t your concern. Certainly you would hope your neighbors aren’t discussing your wherabouts to the feds behind your back. But every day millions of people do it and ZOGs reach grows.

So if this has been around since 2012 why 2 years later am I writing about it? For one thing now when I got to 4chan it seems like every captcha that comes up is someones house number so I refuse to post. There are other ways to fight spam without simultaneously helping the police state grow. I refuse to do it. To alleviate some of the sinister nature of it you can usually fool the system for example if the address show is 7317 you can often times right 7877 and have it be accepted because while the computer knows that a 1 is not an 8 it can’t tell between an 8 and a 3 or a 1 and a 7. This doesn’t always work but a good number of times it does. If you must use captcha do this and throw some sand in the gears of the machine, give them bad intel, who knows how long before it’s discovered or how it will manifest itself.

But there is another thing you can do if it’s possible, do not use websites which implement recaptcha. But don’t just stop using them email them and tell them why, email them this article and tell them until they remove recaptcha you refuse to use their service. The biggest one for me is 4chan, 4chan has some good content and lively discussions but none worth typing recaptchas for. So tell [email protected] how you feel about it. Nothing will change at first so don’t expect it to but while you’re waiting for your favorite websites to change their policies seek out alternatives. One alternative to 4chan is the new it is an imageboard like 4chan with the same features and many added benefits such as being able to browse the entire site with a proxy or VPN, no registrations of any kind and as anonymous posting as you can get on the internet.

TioTchan has great potential but it requires people to make a change and a short term sacrifice for long term benefits.  So share it on social media and tell your friends and we can build something exciting while giving ZOG the finger.

RAMZPAUL: A Nation is not the dirt

I’ve generally gotten away from posting RAMZPAUL, for no reason other than I’m trying to focus on more original articles for the blog and post things like this to the forum or the new chan, but this was just too good to pass up.

Something I’ve said for a long time, being born in america doesn’t make you can american anymore than being born male makes you a man.

What You Can Do. Part 2

Three years have gone by since I wrote the intro and Part 1 of this post, not exactly proud that it’s taken so long but such is life.

If you haven’t read the first 2 posts please do, they’re still pertinent and still what I would recommend as first steps.  Today though especially with the hindsight of 7 years now running this website I would like to discuss something which is super pivotal and I don’t think I’ve ever seen discussed.  That is the importance of spreading the word of websites on your own/the google effect.

Back in 07 when I started it was over at google owned blogger.  At that time I was just getting my feet wet, I knew some things that I wanted to say but I was getting everything down, which direction I wanted to take etc etc.  Back in the early days it was roughly 20 or so hits per day and I was encouraged.  Within the first 2 years I’d say it was a few hundred visitors per day.  I had an article make it to the front page of Digg (when that actually meant something) and had over 30k visitors from that (thankfully it wasn’t self hosted at that time).  So the traffic was never an issue.  At the peak for traffic I would say maybe 3 years in I had a page rank of 4 (out of 10) and had close to 1000 visitors on average per day.   But then something happened.  For one thing as I became more jew wise and began writing about that, jewgle took over $50 of adsense credits it owed me (it only pays out once you reach $100) and believe me it takes a long time to make $50 bucks at a penny per click.  It’s hard to remember the exact time frame here but around this time my page rank dropped from 4-3 and ultimately to where it still is today which is 2.  Now pagerank is what google uses to assess how respected your site is and how prominently to place it in search results.  This is proprietary “algorithms” which are tweaked from time to time but nobody really knows what all goes into what ranks where.  But I can tell you from first hand experience that my traffic from google searches decreased by 3/4 to the point where yahoo and bing were sending me equal amounts of traffic even though their % of the search market is laughable compared to googles.

So consider what happens when you want to find something online, you go to a search engine and search for something and click on one of the first few links or at least what’s on the first page.  When is the last time you looked all the way through to page 5 or 10?  So if you have a website which is on googles hitlist and they through their “proprietary algorithms” demote you, basically blacklist you, if not for links from like minded websites or word of mouth you may as well not even exist.   So you can understand how google, bing, yahoo can shape what you see online and you would never even know it.  What do you think the world would be like if websites such as this or incogman were ranked as highly in search results as CNN or Foxnews?  Of course they couldn’t have that.

I am not the only one who has this issue, I venture to say most independent bloggers who dare to speak out against protected groups face the exact same thing whether they realize it or not.

So what can you do?  You can do whatever you can to let people know that websites you enjoy exist.  Share a link on social networks, or email them to someone.  Get creative, whatever it takes.   Google and other search engines are covertly censoring what people have access to and who will stop them?  I could sue them of course, but who do you think would win in court?  It will take more than a lawsuit.  It takes YOU, not other people but actually YOU to do something.  I’m not talking just about this blog because at this point you can see how infrequently it’s updated, but any website of this nature.  If it’s content is important to you than let someone else know about it, go out of your way to tell them because otherwise they might not be able to find it.