Edgar J. Steele Has Died In Prison


I have just learned that political prisoner Edgar Steele has died in prison.  I knew the day would come but I am still very sad.  For him and his family and friends.

Most of you will be familiar with Steele and for those who aren’t I think this is a great primer



I am thankful for people like Ed.  He was willing to sacrifice everything just to tell you the Truth that he had learned.  Just let that sink in.  He didn’t need to do what he did but he did it out of a sense of honor and patriotism and he paid with his life.  I will not forget him or his teachings.  I also will not forget or forgive those who slandered and killed him.

I’ve known of 2 people to write an article titled “it’s the jews stupid” and now they’re both dead.  That should tell you something.  This does nothing more than strengthen my resolve.  One day it will be the criminals rotting in prison not innocent patriots like Ed Steele.


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